Date: 07/01/2021

Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas.

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As occurs every year, this year the Orthodox believers who celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, gathered on Thursday, January 7 in the Orthodox Church “St. Trinity” of Vraka, to celebrate the birth of the Son of God and to participate in the holy liturgy. The ceremony began with the service of the priests of the Metropolitan Church of Montenegro together with the parish priest of Shkodra who served the holy liturgy.
The Holy Liturgy was held in the presence of a reduced number of believers due to the anti-covoid measures approved by the authorities, and it was served by Archpriest Predrag Scepanovic and the parish priest of the church of Vraka, Ivan Popovic.
In his greeting speech, Mr. Scepanovic conveyed to all people present the most cordial wishes and congratulations. He said, among other things, that “we ought to have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who was sent to take upon us our sins to testify of the Lord’s love for us, and His birth marks the birth of hope, knowledge and tolerance between to all people because God is one for all people, regardless of their beliefs. Let this day serve as a day of hope to overcome and defeat as soon as possible the pandemic situation, which has negatively affected our society. He wished that all of us be close to the others, not to spare help, love and joy to loved ones because only then they will walk in the footsteps of Jesus.
After this speech, the believers received communion while the little ones were awarded many gifts such as cakes and church calendars. After the holy liturgy, the Christmas table was set in one of the premises of the area in which the friends from Montenegro and the guests were present.

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