The participation at the Council of the Holy Annunciation in the Island of Beshka


On April 7th 2013, the members of the orthodox association “St. Jovan Vladimir” traveled through the Taraboshi Mountain toward the Island of Beshka in Shkodra’s Lake where is situated the monastery of Beshka. In this monastery was being held the ceremony of the opening of the traditional Council of the Holy Annunciation. Read more →

(Shqip) Festimi i Ditës së Republikës së Serbisë në Tiranë


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Celebration of Epiphany in Podgorica


On January 19th, a group of members of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”, traveled from Shkodra to Podgorica to take part in the ceremony of the Holy Water. First they participated in the ceremony of the blessing of the water in the Church of Saint George in Gorica. Read more →

Celebration of Christmas in Shkoder


As every other year, even this year the priests of the Metropolis of Montenegro blessed by His Grace the Bishop of Cetinje and the Metropolitan of Montenegro Mr. Amfilohije and by His Grace The Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Albania Mr. Anastas Janullatos, have blessed and set fire to wood and served the Holy Liturgy of Christmas in Vraka, Shkoder. Read more →

The arrival of The Holy Cross from Jerusalem to Shkodra and the blessing of the new offices of The Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”

2 decembas 2

On the 2nd of December 2012, at the church of “Saint Trinity” in Vraka arrived from Jerusalem The Holy Cross which was sent by the kindness and blessing of the Serbian Patriarch Ireney and was blessed at the Patriarchate of Peja and Decan Monastery. Read more →

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