Serbian Chamber of Commerce President Marko Cadez appealed to Serbian companies for helping Albania.


Serbian Chamber of Commerce President Marko Cadez appealed to Serbian companies for helping the Albanian population and businesses affected by last week’s devastating earthquakes. “After the initial urgent aid, the next step will be to help in rebuilding the ruined and damaged buildings. I will travel to Albania on Wednesday, December 4, to specifically discuss the activities with my colleagues from the Albanian Union of Commerce and Industry Chambers and the responsible representatives of the Albanian Government as well,” Cadez announced. According to him, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, has already allocated a fund to help Albania and he appealed to all the members to give their contribute in this regard. He added that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce is at the disposal of Serbian businessmen for any additional information, so that the Serbian economy sector can provide and send their aid to those who are most in need.

Specialized team from Serbia helps in eliminating the effects of November 26th devastating earthquake in co-operation with Albanian counterparts.


A natural disaster struck Albania on the morning of November 26, where a 6.4 magnitude Richter earthquake took 51 lives and left over 700 injured, as well as a dramatic view in Durres and Thumane, where a series of buildings turned into ruins.

In order to help the population affected by this natural disaster, specialized teams from many European countries, including a team from the Republic of Serbia, were involved.

Members of the Special Team from the Emergency Sector under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, who immediately arrived to the Republic of Albania, assisted without any reservation in the elimination of earthquake consequences and they engaged themselves in field search operations, for finding and rescuing individuals trapped under the ruins in the Thumane area.

The Serbian rescue team, which consists of 13 rescuers, who are well-trained and equipped with special equipment to search and rescue endangered people down the ruins in urban areas, began a field search along with Albanian rescue teams, immediately after meeting with local Albanian emergency representatives.

A specialized rescue team from the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived in the early hours of the morning, immediately after the earthquake, in the areas affected by the earthquake in Albania. The news was confirmed by the Serbian ambassador to Tirana, Mirojlub Zaric. “They arrived in Thumane at 03:30 am, and according to information we received from the team leader they were stationed near the tents,” Ambassador Zaric said.

On the other hand, Vlada Plemic from the Emergency Sector stated that they have safely arrived meanwhile for the team, he said that they are certified and trained like all other teams in the world. Plemic also said that the earthquake that affected Albania is reminiscent of that of Skopje in 1963 and of Banja Luka in 1969. He also stated that the first 72 hours are crucial for searching and rescuing of survived people who are under the ruins. Plemic said among others that rescue activities will last at least 15 days as they are unlikely to survive more under such conditions. “We are in constant monitoring of the situation and we are also in touch with the Hydro-meteorological and the Seismic Institute. All events are being monitored, statistics are being recorded and analyzed,” Plemic said.

The arrival of this specialized team to help in eliminating the effects of the earthquake was made possible after an agreement reached between the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also expressed his condolences to the earthquake victims and he also added that Serbia is ready to help – within its capacities – to alleviate the consequences of this devastating earthquake.

The Chief of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Nikola Selakovic meets with representatives of the Serbian and Montenegrin minorities in Shkodra.

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On 19/11/2019 the Chief of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Nikola Selakovic accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana Mr.Miroljub Zarić visited the premises of associations representing the Serb minority in Shkodra, Moraca-Rozafa and Sh.Jovan Vladimir. During this visit, Mr. Selakovic had a cordial meeting with representatives and some of the activists of these associations and lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Issues discussed included increasing the role of the Serbian state in supporting the interests of members of the Serb and Montenegrin community living in Shkodra, as well as creating facilities for students belonging to this community who study at Belgrade faculties. Also discussed was the right to obtain passports from the Republic of Serbia for all those who meet the requirements for completing the declaration form.

In his name, the President’s Cabinet Chief conveyed the President’s greetings to our community and reiterated the readiness of the state he represents to support in all legal forms the activities of the Moraca-Rozafa and Sh.Jovan Vladimir Associations in the function of living together and peace.

On the day of the First World War Ceasefire, representatives of all Serbian associations paid tribute to the Cemetery of Serbian soldiers who died on Albanian territory.


On the day of the World War I Ceasefire, representatives of all Serbian associations commemorated Serb soldiers who died or were killed in the Albanian territory.

On Monday, November 11, by the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, representatives of all associations representing the Serb minority in Albania honored the memory of those Serb soldiers who lost their lives in World War I while retreating across the territory of Albania. The ceremony was organized at the civil cemetery in Tirana and it began at 11am.

In this ceremony the President of Moraca-Rozafa Association Mr. Pavle Brajovic, and the staff-member, Mr. Omer Stankovic on behalf of this Association did participate. On behalf of the St. Jovan Vladimir Association, the wreath was laid by the president of the association Mr.Z. Ajkovic and on behalf of the Jedinstvo Association from the city of Fier the wreaths were laid by the president of this Association, Mr Ekrem Dulevic and his associates. Also, representatives of the new Tirana-based Skadarlija Association, headed by its president, Mr. Salko Brajovic, were present at this solemn commemoration.

After the wreaths were laid, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric, addressed the occasion. After a minute of silence in soldiers’ memory, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Zaric, among other things stated that “this is a significant date for us and it is good that our small Serb community in Albania and you, as the most active members, have gathered to preserve the memory of our ancestors who lost their lives during in fighting during their retreat through the Albanian territory. Unfortunately, the past regimes did not allow what is Christian and civilized, to have at least a place where to store their remains; a place in which they are buried. But as you are here, I am especially pleased that the young people are present, and I am sure that you will preserve the memory of our countrymen and that you will also fight, but by other means such as knowledge, wisdom, honesty and precious values, and that the truth about the Serbians sufferings and the hardships of the Serbian survivors will live in this environment and you will find a mutual understanding with the young Albanians, so that such a thing will never be repeated, and on the other hand to build a new world, a shared life in this region. I always tell our foreign friends that the Balkans is small, but there is plenty of space for both Serbs and Albanians and for all other peoples living in the region,” Ambassador Miroljub Zaric concluded.

Member of the Albanian Parliament Vasil Sterjovski sends a letter to all associations of national minorities.


On 17/10/2019 MP Vasil Sterjovski has sent a letter to all associations of national minorities in the Republic of Albania requesting opinions and support to proclaim the official holiday day of 7 January, the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Christ according to the calendar Julian.

Among other things, MP Sterjovski writes that he will propose to the Assembly the proclamation as an official holiday in the Republic of Albania on January 7 as Christmas Day according to the Julian calendar for the Macedonian-Serbian and Montenegrin national minorities of the Orthodox faith. Christmas Eve is the most important holiday for Orthodox Christians and for this purpose, its celebration in a dignified manner is a must for all Macedonian, Serbian and Montenegrin national minorities of the Orthodox faith.

At the end of the letter the MP thanks and hopes in the cooperation of all the associations to make this initiative possible

The new season of the Serbian language course continues at the new premises of the Moraca-Rozafa association.


Moraca-Rozafa Association has started organizing Serbian language courses since 2008, and from that time these courses have continued to exist every year. Serbian language course students are mainly children aged 9 to 18 and they belong to the Serbian and Montenegrin minority communities. There are also children or youngsters who belong to the majority ethnic group. Individuals who want to learn Serbian language are also admitted.

Since 2008, a considerable number of students and students have completed the course. Some of them have completed their higher education at the universities of the Republic of Serbia. For higher quality teaching, the association has hired a graduate professor of Serbo-Croatian language, Mr Svetozar Cirakovic from Niksic, and two assistants who are bilingual.

In the previous years the main sponsor of this perennial activity was the Office for Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia. This year, there was no donation from the Diaspora Office, but despite this, the Association managed to use its resources and continue the 10-year tradition in order to carry out the Serbian language teaching activity without interruption.

By the way, we invite members of the Serbian and Montenegrin minority or other individuals who are interested, to come to the offices of the Association located in Rus neighborhood in front of the music school in order to attend the Serbian language classes.

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Chancellery for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region support the Serbian-language media in Albania


Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Chancellery for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region played again this year a crucial role in co-financing the projects of associations representing the national Serbian-Montenegrin minority in Albania.

A media project namely the web site of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” written in Serbian, Albanian and English languages at the address www.identitet.al – which is the only electronic print media in the Serbian language, that deals with handling and publishing information on the existence, life and activities of the Serbian community in Albania – was also funded this year by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. This is the seventh consecutive year that this Ministry has co-financed this project, thereby making it possible the edition and update of this portal.

Likewise, the Chancellery for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region made a significant contribution to co-financing the project of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority association “Moraca-Rozafa”, which consists of broadcasting a weekly Serbian-language program in one of local televisions in Shkoder which shows events from our reality, as well as activities related to our minority, but also those regarding the culture, customs, music and art from Serbia and other Balkan countries.

The implementation of such projects would be impossible without the help and support of these two donors, who have consistently made a crucial contribution. We hope that this almost 10-year cooperation of associations representing the Serbian-Montenegrin minority in Albania will advance further in order to preserve their national identity.

Serbian associations paid tribute to Serbian fallen fighters during the Balkan Wars

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On August 2 of this year, associations representing the Serbian minority in Albania, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, paid tribute to the fallen Serb fighters buried in the Tirana city cemetery during the Balkan Wars. Delegations from the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana headed by the first consul, Ms. Dragana Vucicevic, representatives from the Serbian-Montenegrin Association “Moraca-Rozafa”, headed by its president Pavlo Jakoja-Brajovic as well as the delegation of the association “St. Jovan Vladimir ”headed by Mr. Zoran Hajkoja-Ajkovic held a ceremony on their honor, joined by the delegation from the “Jedinstvo” Association from Fier, led by President Ekrem Dulevic.

After the setting of the wreaths, Ms. Vucicevic addressed the present and thanked them for their participation as well as for facilitating the reconstruction of this cemetery. The sacred liturgy was held during the ceremony, as well as the highest honors following the Serbian tradition.

Orthodox believers of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority celebrated the greatest Christian holiday-Easter


On Sunday, April 28th, the Orthodox believers of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority celebrated the greatest Christian holiday-Easter or Christ’s resurrection, the day when Christ, in accordance with Christian faith, showed His Divine power and returned from the dead. This holiday marks the unity of the memory of a nurtured religion and tradition, and begins with the Great Friday when the homemade painted Easter eggs.
In addition to the chorus “Christ’s is resurrected, indeed is resurrected,” the Orthodox believers of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority celebrated what is called a unique moment of belief, the resurrection of Christ three days after his suffering on the Cross, a symbol that relates to the resurrection of hope, the passage from the earthly eternal life and forgiving of sins by strengthening faith in God. Believers ignited candles, a symbol from the light of God, while the red color of the eggs symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ.
The Holy Liturgy was held as usually in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka, by the priest of the Podgorica Church, protege Predrag Šćepanović, who came from Podgorica on this occasion, along with the service of the priest of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Ivan Popoviq. After the service of the liturgy, father Predrag Scepanovic held a brief speech where all those present wished this most joyful day with the desire for tolerance and coexistence.
Finally, for the Delegation and Montenegro, the Easter table of fraternal love was organized.

National day of the Republic of Serbia celebrated in Tirana


On February 18, at the Tirana International hotel, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana organized a reception on the occasion of the national day of the Republic of Serbia. On this occasion high representatives from different spheres of political, economic and social life of the country, representatives of diplomatic corps and others were invited. Representatives of the Serbian minority associations were also invited to this important event. Present to this event before their organizations were: the president of Serbian-Montengrin national minority association “ Moraca-Rozafa”, Pavlo Jakoja , the president of orthodox association “ Saint Jovan Vladimir”, Zoran Ajkoja, and the president of association of Serbs “ Jedinstvo”, Eqerem Duleviq with his compatriots. Present in this ceremony was the president of the newly established minority organization “ Skadarlija” based in Tirana, Salko Ferezaj- Brajoviq.
The ceremony began with the intonation of the hymns of the two states and then, the Ambassador of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric addressed the present. In his speech, his excellence thanked all the participants for attending this event and expressed his hopes for the establishment of amicable and close relationships between the two countries. His word was applauded by those present. The ceremony lasted about 2 hours in a friendly atmosphere where free conversations took place among the many participants.

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