Celebration of St. Peter and St. Paul feast in Cetinje


On the occasion of St. Peter and Paul’s Day, on July 12th, a traditional gathering of believers was organized in Cetinje with the holding of the Holy Liturgy in the Cetinje Monastery. At the invitation of the Montenegrin Metropolitanate, this event was attended by a delegation of the Orthodox Church from Shkodra as well as members of the Orthodox Association St. Jovan Vladimir. The delegation of the believers was led by the president of the association St. Jovan Vladimir, Simo Ajkovic and priest of the Orthodox Church in Skadar, Father Nikola Petani.
During his liturgical speech, Metropolitan Amfilohije spoke of the role and great contribution that these two apostles have for the Orthodox Church. He reminded us that in the place where the apostles Paul and Peter served, Antoine, today’s Syria and where Christians have received such a name, we are witnesses of great sufferings over them. He emphasized that these two apostles have ended their earthly lives with great suffering.
After completing the holy service, the Metropolitan Received and spoke with the President of the Association St. Jovan Vladimir. Simo Ajkovic and father Petani. During this meeting, they confirmed the good relations between the Metropolitan and the Orthodox Church in Shkodra and the associations St. Jovan Vladimir. They exchanged views on forms of cooperation and discussed mutually interesting topics as well as agreed to work on intensifying these relations.
After the meeting, in honor of our delegation, the Metropolitan and the clergy of the Cetinje Monastery organized a trite of brotherly love. They welcomed members of the delegation from Shkodra and invitet them to visit the Cetinje Monastery again and other holy places in Montenegro.

Vido’s day


The most symbolic holiday, related to the history of the Serbian people, is celebrated today throughout the churches in Serbia and Kosovo. On this day, the most important medieval event in the past six centuries, the Kosovo Battle, took place in which the Serbian people and other peoples resisted the Turkish conquest. This holiday is celebrated in the significance of St. Lazarus and the sacred Serbian martyr who fell on that day.
In Gracanica near Kosovo, the liturgy started at 8:00 am by His Grace, the Metropolitan of the Montenegrin Amphilohije, with the concelebrating of the bishop of the Kosovo Diocese of Artemije, in the presence of many believers.
” Witness is this holy day that we celebrate, which is the feast of this people celebrating the day of the prophet Amos and the Holy Great Martyr of Kosovo Lazarus. His life, and the life of this sacred place is in the sign of Christ crucified and resurrected, so it is and so will be until the end of worlds, “Metropolitan Amfilohije addressed to the believers.
He said that the Kosovo tomb is nothing more than the glare, the extension and the continuation of the grave of Christ in Jerusalem, and as Christ’s grave is vibrant, so is the Kosovo tomb a vibrant grave not only for this people, but that tomb is a lighthouse of all European nations and everything of what is honorable and honorable in these nations to this day.
At the end of the Holy Liturgy, Bishop Theodosius thanked the present archbishop for their unselfish love that they show whenever Kosovo is concerned, their willingness to serve together and to bring love, effort and sacrifice to God and to survive in this region.

Ministry of Culture of Serbia supports the Serbian media in Albania

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The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia continued this year to play a key role as a co-financier of the projects of the association of members of the Serbian-Montenegrin National in Albania. Media projects such as the website of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” in Serbian, Albanian and English at www.identitet.al, which is the only written electronic medium in the Serbian language that covers and publishes news about the existence, life and activities of the Serbian community In Albania, as well as the project of the association of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority “Moraca-Rozafa”, which consists of one-week broadcasting on one local television in Shkodra emiting news and events concerning our minority, as well as culture, music and art, this year will be financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia. Read more →

Feast of Holy Trinity celebrated in Vraka


On Sunday, May 27, in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka was celebrated the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles – the Holy Trinity.
With the blessing of the Archbishop of Albania Anastas and the Metropolitan of the Montenegro Amfilohije, the holy liturgy served the clergy of the Serbian and Albanian Orthodox churches.
Priest Velimir Jovovic served jointly with father Radomir Nikcevic, the archbishop of Herzegovinian and the director of Svetigora and the deacon of Skadar Ivan Popovic.
The liturgy was attended by believers from Shkodra, Vraka and the surrounding area, as well as from Montenegro, who came to gather around their Holy Church to commemorate this wonderful and blessed holiday.
After the communion of the faithful people, father Velimir Jovovic and deacon Ivan Popovic were refreshing and cutting the Slava cake. Father Velimir congratulated the holiday and glory of the church and thanked the Archbishop Anastasije for the blessing that the Holy Liturgy will be served in the Serbian language.
Then gifts were handed to all present believers and especially to the children who also received the blessing of the Metropolitan of the Montenegrio Amfilohije.
The celebration was continued at the nearby restaurant where a cocktail was organized for the present, with the love, organization and hospitality of the members of the Association Moraca-Rozafa and the Orthodox Association “ St.Jovan Vladimir’ from Shkodra.
On this occasion, the writer Budimir Dubak addressed the hosts for the hospitality in the ancient city of Shkodra.

Visit of His Grace, Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, Kiril, to Tirana


The Albanian Orthodox Church and the entire Orthodox people of Albania, as well as the Serbs of the Orthodox faith, welcomed the arrival of His Grace, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kiril from 28-30 April. His visit is of historical importance because both churches and their people have experienced and survived the persecution of communist regimes for decades.
Representatives of the association “St. Jovan Vladimir” together with other Orthodox believers from Shkodra joined the magnificent welcome of the Russian Patriarch, as well as the Holy Liturgy, which was held by both heads of sister churches.
During his speech after the worship of the believers, Patriarch Cyril highlighted the suffering and hard experiences that followed the existence of churches throughout the centuries, the demolition of churches, the killing of the clergy and clerics, but as he added, life and faith were revived, and the church also rose. – “Blood of Martyrs is also the seed of Christianity”- he stated.
– We continue to celebrate Easter, Christ’s resurrection is a healing, a means of curing our mortal life that is paralyzed from sins and distant from God. Easter is a supernatural change in our lives. That is why our God, Jesus Christ, was sacrificed and sowed for our salvation. Easter is a victory over the evil in this world. The power and heroism of the Orthodox is not in aggression or desire for vengeance, but lies in readiness to help and serve this truth, said His Holiness, Kiril.
He finished his word with the words of St. Kosmos from Etolia, martyr from this country. – “Mighty Lord has many different names. It is called Light, Life, and Resurrection. But his main name is Love. His love gives us life and where it exists, death is not possible. ”
His Grace, the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Anastasia, welcomed the Patriarch of the Russian Church with the words “Blessed is he who comes in the name of God”. He pointed out the decades-long cooperation and wished Kirila a year of health and life, with the world’s faith to lead the faithful Russian people in the lifetime of the light of the Cross and Resurrection.
“Christ has been revived – Truly has been revived”,- greeted His Grace, Mr. Anastas.
The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church also had very cordial meetings with the highest state officials of Albania, the President of the Republic, Ilir Met and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama.
Visiting the Church of St. Blaise, the Theological Academy “Christ’s Resurrection”, as well as the concert of the Choir of the Moscow Synod and the exhibition of the Russian iconography, Patriarch Kirill completed his world visit to Albania.

The delegation from Shkodra participated in the liturgy served by the Metropolitan of the Montenegro , Amfilohije, in Herceg Novi


At the invitation of His Grace Amfilohije, a delegation from Shkodra composed of the president of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir”, Simo Ajkovic , and President of the Serbian-Montenegrin Association “Moraca-Rozafa” g. Pavlo Jakoja Brajovic, attended the Saturday liturgy in Topola near Herceg Novi.
The service of this Holy Liturgy also started the manifestation of the “Day of the Russian Spiritual Culture” that will last until April 14th. The organizers of this event are the Church Council of Herceg Novi, the tourist organization of Herceg Novi and JUK Herceg Fest.
During his speech after the liturgy, Metropolitan Amfilohije said that Jesus made man to be eternal. “This is confirmed by the death of Christ, because with his death he overcame death and as God he restored to human nature his original beauty, goodness, wisdom and knowledge, and thus gave man eternal life,” said the Metropolitan in his word.
He also said that through crucifixion and sacrifice, human nature becomes immortal.
After the ceremony, the Metropolitan reminded that this year will be 100 years since the renewal of the Moscow Patriarchate. “After the tragedy of the Russian people, the Moscow Patriarchate was restored by Patriarch Tihon. On this basis lies the culture of the Russian state for centuries and centuries … and on that occasion, it is a great pleasure for me to celebrate today for 100 years since the establishment of the Patriarchate of Peja, on the same day as the restoration of Moskow patriarchate. “- said Metropolitan.
Mayor of Herceg Novi Stefan Katić expressed his satisfaction with the participation of the Metropolitan at this event. He also mentioned the bulding of cult objects in Topola and thanked all the participants for taking part in such organization. He also welcomed a delegation from Russia attending “Days of the Russian Spiritual Culture”.
After the liturgy, baptism of believers and children on the coast of the Adriatic Sea was carried out. After the baptism, the dining table of Christian love was organized, where the president of the association “Morača-Rozafa”, Pavlo Brajovic in his speech emphasized the great help that Metropolitanate of Montenegro awards our organizations.

Consultations on by laws on national minorities


Today on April 14, 2018, at the initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, a public debate on the forthcoming by-laws in the framework of the implementation of the newly enacted law on national minorities was organized at the library of the University “Luigj Gurakuqi”.
At this meetings beside the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, the Chairwoman of the Sub commission for Human Rights of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, Mrs. Vasilika Husi and the President of the Committee for National Minorities, Mrs. Constantine Bežani, and the Deputy Minister of Education, Sport and Youth, Ms. Besa Shahini, participated also the President of the Serbian Association of Serb-Montenegrin national minority “Moraca-Rozafa”, mr. Pavlo Jakoja Brajovic and the president of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir”, mr. Simo Ajkovic.
In his speech, Mr. Bushati announced that specific projects should be foreseen for our minority. He added that consultations are being held in response to all the demands of national minorities and that Albania is committed in the implementation of the rights and freedoms of national minorities. Therefore, he pointed out, talks were held with the ministers of foreign affairs of Serbia and Montenegro in order to realize specific projects that correspond to the characteristics that minorities have.
“Regardless of the progress made in this field and the novelties foreseen by the law, much has to be done, primarily to redefine the whole architecture in the field of the protection of the rights and freedoms of national minorities, especially with regard to cooperation with local authorities and with representatives of national minorities “-c oncluded Bushati.
The Chairwoman of the Human Rights Sub-Commission, Vasilika Husi, pointed out that during the consultations, representatives of national minorities expressed interest in the process of adopting by-laws, and this consultation process is the best practice for developing the necessary legal framework.
This public document was held after the first consultations with all groups of national minorities that were held in Tirana for the purpose of drafting these acts.

Reception on the occasion of the National day of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana


On the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Serbia, on February 15, 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana organized a traditional reception with the participation of numerous officials from Albania’s political, cultural, economic and sports life. At their invitation, numerous members from the three Serbian associations, “Morača-Rozafa”, “St. Jovan Vladimir” from Shkodra, and “Jedinstvo” from Fiera participated to this event.
In a friendly atmosphere, during the reception, our representatives could meet with representatives of state authorities, primarily with decision making on the issues of minorities, but also with representatives of the diplomatic choir in Albania for their information on the state of rights of our minority and establishing regular communication and enhancing cooperation.
Our associations congratulate all the Serbs in Serbia and wherever they live for National Day, and express their desire for a faster progress in reforms leading to European integration. This is the only way to national and national prosperity. Such a progress is linked, among other things, to the status of our minority, behind whose advocacy the rights and freedoms they belong to is a strong and prosperous country of origin.

Celebration of Saint Sava day in Shkodra


On Sunday, January 28th, the Orthodox believers of Shkodra and the region of the Vraka gathered in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka to celebrate the Day of the greatest Serbian Sanctuary, St. Sava, together with their compatriots from Montenegro.
Holy Liturgy was led by Father Zeljko Calic co serviced by Father Dragan Mitrovic from the Metropolitan of the Montenegro , as well as the parish of the Skadar Church, Father Nikola Petani and the deacon of the Holy Trinity Church in Vraka, Ivan Popovic.
During his greeting, Father Calic emphasized that, like the Holy Apostles after the birth and testimony of the sanctity of Jesus, Saint Sava followed them on their footsteps. All the miracles and richness of this world that are not based on the belief in Christ are only temporary, or as Christ said: “This treasure is ruinous.”
– All the goods of this world are consumable, as all the treasures of the mighty empire were historically, and all of these remain on paper only. Only saints of God, like the Holy Sava, remain forever. We celebrate the Holy Sava as our protector, because this is our only true treasure – concluded Father Calic in his speech, congratulating all those present this holiday.
After the liturgy and worship of the believers, the children are given gifts, while in honor of all present, one formal cocktail is organized at one of the local restaurants.

Christmas in Shkodra


On Sunday, January 7th, a large number of Orthodox believers celebrating Christmas as per the Julian calendar gathered in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka to celebrate the birth of God’s Son and attend the traditional Christmas liturgy.

Like every year, Father Radomir Nikčević from the Metropolitanate of the Montenegrin led liturgy, who, after reading the Gospel, greeted them on the occasion of this holiday, and wished peace and joy to prevail in their homes. He emphasized the wisdom of the Jewish sages who emphasized the modesty that God had solved for his Son of God to be born in a cave, because “instead of human creations, Christ chose to be born in the place he created himself”, Father Nikcevic added. He said that Christ returns to every generation and people who accepts his birth, existence and purpose that he came to this world.

– Christ was sacrificed for us, and for this reason we also bring wood to warm our home. Christ, the Son of God, one of the Holy Trinity was born as a man to save each one of us. May the Lord give you the peace, light and warmth of this holiday to your homes, and that with his warmth and love, every soul in this city will be transformed, because it will testify that this life is only the way to eternal life “- concluded Father Nikčević.

He conveyed the blessing to the faithful of the Metropolitan of the Montenegrin, Amfilohije, and greeted the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Albania, Miroljub Zaric, as well as the Presidents of the association Sv. Jovan Vladimir and Moraca-Rozafa.

After the worship of the believers, Christmas presents were distributed to children, while a table of Christian love was organized for guests in one of the local restaurants.

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