Financial help for flooded population in Serbia donated


Associations which represent the interests of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Albania following the appeal of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana and institutions in Serbia to donate for the vulnerable population of flooded areas in unprecedented floods which occurred in Serbia in May, directed an appeal to their members, supporters, friends and other institutions in Shkodra and other areas to that purpose. Read more →

Letter of the Serbian association” Jedinstvo” to the Ministry of Education


We publish the letter of the Association Jedinstvo to the Ministry of Education regarding the banning of Serbian language courses in Fier. Read more →

Ministry of Education and Sports against the Serbian language courses in Fier


The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Albania addressed a letter to the Association of Serbs of Albania “Jedinstvo”, highlighting the non-compliance and non-fulfillment of the formal legal requirements of the Serbian language courses held in this association for the areas of county of Fier, Reth Libofsha and Hamil. The letter also imposed the closure of these courses until the full meeting of the standards set by the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 248 dating 28.05.1999 on the criteria and procedure for issuing licenses for the operation of private educational institutions. Read more →

Signed the Protocol of cooperation between associations


Representatives of the Organizations “St. Jovan Vladimir”, “Jedinstvo” and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship signed in Tirana on March 12th 2014 a cooperation protocol, aiming the promotion of the cooperation in the field of interest and timely advocating and realization of the rights of the Serbian- Montenegrin national minority; the coordination of actions and activities to preserve the national, cultural and the educational identity and to social care for members of our minority and realization of joint projects.
The full text of the Protocol is as follows: Read more →

Opens second course of the Serbian language to Fier


On November 23rd, 2013in the village of Hamil, municipality of  Libofsha in Fier , Albania opened the second course of the Serbian language in this district. The Association of Serbs of Albania “Jedinstvo”, due to the support of the “Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region” of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Embassy in Tirana made possible this course in Serbian, following the first one which opened three years ago in the village of Reth Libofsha, held for the children of our minority living in the villages around. This course is attended by 78 children. Read more →

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