Delegation from Shkodra, attended St Jovan Vladimir Liturgy at the monastery Virgin of Krajina


President of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” from Shkodra, Mr. Simo Ajković and Shkodra’s Albanian Orthodox Church priest Nikola Petani attended the Holy Liturgy on the foundations of the monastery Virgin of Krajina in Ostros served by Archbishop of Cetinje Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije with the clergy.

After the communion of the faithful was blessed the feast cake.

Metropolitan Amfilohije said that St. John Vladimir, as its name says, the ruler of peace and a peacemaker.

“In particular, he is a peacemaker today, in this troubled Balkan region. He reconciles and restores faith in Montenegro, in our nation and in neighboring Albania where its relics rest, “said Mtropolit Amfilohije.

Metropolitan Amfilohije said that today’s Holy Liturgy is only the beginning of the celebrations of the millennium saint’s martyrdom , and that the crown and the celebration will be next year in Bar, on consecration of his Cathedral.

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