Specialized team from Serbia helps in eliminating the effects of November 26th devastating earthquake in co-operation with Albanian counterparts.


A natural disaster struck Albania on the morning of November 26, where a 6.4 magnitude Richter earthquake took 51 lives and left over 700 injured, as well as a dramatic view in Durres and Thumane, where a series of buildings turned into ruins.

In order to help the population affected by this natural disaster, specialized teams from many European countries, including a team from the Republic of Serbia, were involved.

Members of the Special Team from the Emergency Sector under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, who immediately arrived to the Republic of Albania, assisted without any reservation in the elimination of earthquake consequences and they engaged themselves in field search operations, for finding and rescuing individuals trapped under the ruins in the Thumane area.

The Serbian rescue team, which consists of 13 rescuers, who are well-trained and equipped with special equipment to search and rescue endangered people down the ruins in urban areas, began a field search along with Albanian rescue teams, immediately after meeting with local Albanian emergency representatives.

A specialized rescue team from the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived in the early hours of the morning, immediately after the earthquake, in the areas affected by the earthquake in Albania. The news was confirmed by the Serbian ambassador to Tirana, Mirojlub Zaric. “They arrived in Thumane at 03:30 am, and according to information we received from the team leader they were stationed near the tents,” Ambassador Zaric said.

On the other hand, Vlada Plemic from the Emergency Sector stated that they have safely arrived meanwhile for the team, he said that they are certified and trained like all other teams in the world. Plemic also said that the earthquake that affected Albania is reminiscent of that of Skopje in 1963 and of Banja Luka in 1969. He also stated that the first 72 hours are crucial for searching and rescuing of survived people who are under the ruins. Plemic said among others that rescue activities will last at least 15 days as they are unlikely to survive more under such conditions. “We are in constant monitoring of the situation and we are also in touch with the Hydro-meteorological and the Seismic Institute. All events are being monitored, statistics are being recorded and analyzed,” Plemic said.

The arrival of this specialized team to help in eliminating the effects of the earthquake was made possible after an agreement reached between the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also expressed his condolences to the earthquake victims and he also added that Serbia is ready to help – within its capacities – to alleviate the consequences of this devastating earthquake.

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