Participation in the celebration of St. Peter in Cetinje


President of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” Simo Ajković together with Shkodra priests Alexander and Nikola Petani and other believers were present in Cetinje at the traditional celebration of Saint Peter’s day, which began with the Holy Liturgy in the Monastery of Cetinje which was served by the Archbishop of Cetinje Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije with the concelebration of large number of clergy.
During the liturgical homily after the reading of the Gospel Metropolitan Almfilohije said that holy Apostles Peter and Paul were and remain great scholars and a great teachers, a great witnesses and ministers of Christ, and of the Christian religion “
He recalled that in the Cetinje monastery exist numerous and famous Christian relics.
“Great miracles are in this sanctuary of Cetinje. Great witnesses Peter and Paul, and Peter the Lovćenski and Peter I, whose relics ruffled, and St. John the Baptist, by whose hand Christ was baptized in the Jordan river, and a part of the Holy Cross, where the Lord was crucified. These are all great things, especially hand of St. John, which calls us to repentance, “said Metropolitan Amfilohije.
After the communion of the faithful, he distributed medals to the prominent people who have contributed throughout their life with their works to strengthen and elevate the Orthodox religion in the region.
He led the holiday lithium to the foundation of the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul at Ćipuru, where he blessed the feast cake.
After the Holy Office, in the dining room of the Seminary of St. Peter of Cetinje was prepared the table of Christian love.

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