Celebration of St. Trinity and St. Jovan Vladimir in Vraka


On Sunday, June 4, the feast of the Holy Trinity and the feast of St. John Vladimir were solemnly celebrated in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka near Shkoder. This day is also the 25 th anniversary of the establishment of the orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir”. Liturgy was held with the blessing of Archbishop of Tirana and all Albania Mr. Anastas and Metropolitan of Montenegro Mr. Amfilohije and served by the priest Radomir Nikcevic and the head of the “Svetigore” Vasilije Brbović with the concelebrating of Skadar priest father Nikola Petani.
Father Vasilije addressed to the assembled believers after the consecration and cake cutting, congratulating them for their day of their Church and the day of the association. On this occasion the faithful were addressed by President of the Association of Sv. Jovan Vladimir mr. Simo Ajković and President of the Association “Moraca-Rozafa” Mr. Pavlo Jakoja who expressed their gratitude for the role of the church to preserve the religious identity of our people through regular services and organizing religious activities for our people in Albania.
Liturgy was attended by believers from Montenegro and Serbia, including the Serbian Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric with collaborators.
After the liturgical assembly, in the courtyard of the church is prepared the table of Christian love, where the hosts celebrated the day of creation of the Association. The hosts thanked the present and Metropolitan Amfilohije for his blessings to establish the association in 1992 as well as the support given to our activities. Then father Radomir Nikcevic handed out gifts to our association sent by the art history professor, Ph.D. Anika Skovran as well as the icon of the Holy Mother of God, a gift from Slobodan Perovic from Belgrade.

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