Letter of condolences on the death of Patriarch IRINEJ.


The presidents of the Associations representing the Serbian and Montenegrin minority in Shkodra, St. “Jovan Vladimir” and “Moraca-Rozafa” have sent a letter of condolence to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana on the occasion of the death of Patriarch Irinej
The letter sent by the president of the association “St. Jovan Vladimir” Mr. Zoran Hajkoja -Ajkovic states: “With a huge sadness, we received the sad news of the death of His Holiness the Archbishop of Peja, the Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovac and the Patriarch of Serbia Mr. IRINEJ. This is a huge loss not only for our Serbian people, but also for the entire Orthodox Church. We had the great honor to welcome him together with Metropolitan Amfilohije on a visit to the “Holy Trinity” church in Vrake, in May 2014. It was the only visit in the recent history of a Serbian Patriarch in Shkodra, and we are witnesses of that unforgettable visit. Patriarch IRINEJ will remain in our thoughts and hearts as a man of deep faith and a confessor of Orthodoxy.
May His memory be eternal!”
While the condolence letter the president of the Moraca-Rozafa association Mr. Pavlo Jakoja-Brajovic writes: “On behalf of the association of the Serbo-Montenegrin minority “Moraca-Rozafa” we express our condolences for the death of the Serbian Patriarch IRINEJ. With regret we received the bad news of the death of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej. This is very sad news for all Serbs and Orthodox believers. We express our condolences to the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church to the clergy, and all the Orthodox believers.
May God and the angels keep us in the kingdom of heaven!”

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