The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia supports media in Serbian language in Albania


Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, contributed financially even in this year – which was not ordinary due to the pandemic and the economic crisis – to the implementation of projects of the associations representing the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Albania.
Media project of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” i.e. the website in Serbian, Albanian and English, is the only electronic printed media in Serbian, and it covers and publishes information on the existence, life and activities of the Serbian community in Albania. This year it is sponsored again by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. This is the eighth consecutive year in which this Ministry co-finances this project, making possible in this way the publication and updating of this portal as the only media written in the Serbian language in Albania.
Also, this Ministry approved funds for a several months period on co-financing of the project of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority association “Moraça-Rozafa”, which regard the broadcast of an air show in Serbian language in one of the local televisions of Shkoder. In this show, events from our region, as well as activities related to our minority, but also on culture, customs, music and art from Serbia and the Balkans are discussed.
The realization of such projects would be impossible without the help and support of this Ministry, which has continuously given an outstanting contribution in this field. We hope that this period of already 10 years of cooperation with associations representing the Serbia-Montenegrin minority in Albania will extend further in order to preserve and strengthen national identity.

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