Ministry of Culture of Serbia supports the Serbian media in Albania

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The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia continued this year to play a key role as a co-financier of the projects of the association of members of the Serbian-Montenegrin National in Albania. Media projects such as the website of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” in Serbian, Albanian and English at, which is the only written electronic medium in the Serbian language that covers and publishes news about the existence, life and activities of the Serbian community In Albania, as well as the project of the association of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority “Moraca-Rozafa”, which consists of one-week broadcasting on one local television in Shkodra emiting news and events concerning our minority, as well as culture, music and art, this year will be financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia.
As the sole financier of the only media in Serbian language in Albania, the Ministry has taken the role of caregivers and supporters of the preservation of the Serbian language in a scarce Albanian environment, in the absence of support that Albanian authorities should provide in the European spirit for the preservation of minority languages, the promotion of minority communication in their own language and nurturing national, cultural and religious values that our minorities seek to preserve.
Our associations cordially thank the continuing support provided by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and are committed to continue providing the best way of informing public opinion in Albania and wider about the existence of our minority, and work on the affirmation of its rights in the future.

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