Graduation ceremony of Serbian language in Belgrade


On July 24, 2015 Students from Albania who were given the right to study at the University of Belgrade within the program of the Ministry of Education and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia “Serbia for the Serbs in the region”, received diplomas of Serbian language. Two of our best students were evaluated by highest ranking, B2, Gordana Ajković and Jelisaveta Popovic.
This is the 5th group of students from Serb-Montenegrin national minority in Albania composed of 8 students attending this program, which offers a good opportunity for our youth being educated free of charge at the faculties of the Belgrade University. After completion of this one-year course they will be able to choose and study without having to go through testing process.
Diplomas were presented by the Minister of Education and Technological Development of Serbia Srdjan Verbić. Graduation ceremony was held at the Faculty of Philology, having participated the dean of the faculty as well as the ambassadors of the countries involved in the project. Ambassador of the Republic of Albania did not attend the ceremony.
After the ceremony, a luncheon was organized for all the guests and students.

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