The new season of the Serbian language course continues at the new premises of the Moraca-Rozafa association.


Moraca-Rozafa Association has started organizing Serbian language courses since 2008, and from that time these courses have continued to exist every year. Serbian language course students are mainly children aged 9 to 18 and they belong to the Serbian and Montenegrin minority communities. There are also children or youngsters who belong to the majority ethnic group. Individuals who want to learn Serbian language are also admitted.

Since 2008, a considerable number of students and students have completed the course. Some of them have completed their higher education at the universities of the Republic of Serbia. For higher quality teaching, the association has hired a graduate professor of Serbo-Croatian language, Mr Svetozar Cirakovic from Niksic, and two assistants who are bilingual.

In the previous years the main sponsor of this perennial activity was the Office for Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia. This year, there was no donation from the Diaspora Office, but despite this, the Association managed to use its resources and continue the 10-year tradition in order to carry out the Serbian language teaching activity without interruption.

By the way, we invite members of the Serbian and Montenegrin minority or other individuals who are interested, to come to the offices of the Association located in Rus neighborhood in front of the music school in order to attend the Serbian language classes.

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