Monastery and Theological seminary of Cetinje feast celebrated


Holy Communion Liturgy, the blessing of the Slavic cake and the festive spiritual academy in Cetinje today, October 31, celebrates the feast of the Holy Apostle Luke and Saint Peter of Cetinje, who is the glorified glory of the Cetinje Monastery and the Bishopric of St. Peter Cetinje.
A group of thirty members of the orthodox believers from Shkodra and Vraka, members of our people, attended this important holiday led by the priests of the Shkodra Orthodox Church, Alexander and Nikola Petani. Our priests coo-served the holy service of God, served by His Grace Archbishop of Cetinje Metropolitan of Montenegro and Primorska g. Amphilohije with Archbishops: of Niksic Joanikije, Rasko-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Theodosije, Zahumno-Herzegovinian and Littoral Dimitri, Buenosaires and South-Central American Kiril and so forth.

In his own words after reading the bible, Archbishop Theodosije emphasized that the people celebrate the three saints, St. Luke, St. Peter of Cetinje and St. Peter the Second the Miraculous , as apostles of Christ and the true shepherds who fed faith in the people of the Gospel of Christ. The Holy Peter stood with the Holy Scripture when it was the hardest, and encouraged others to remain faithful to Christ’s path to the Cross so that they would eventually win those who were considered unbeatable. He emphasized that in the wicked times in which we live, only faithful people can turn only to God to seek help. He concluded that Saint Peter of Cetinje pointed to repentance as the beginning of a new life in Christ, the foundation of all that is needed in order to receive the eternal Kingdom of Christ-Celestial Empire.

The bishop of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Theodosije invited all to follow our saints because they were following Christ’s path and embrace the cross of Christ. He explained that we should not be afraid of the suffering. He recalled the rescue of the Jewish people from Egypt and stressed that they were not strong and powerful to achieve their goal – going to the promised land and defeated a stronger enemy, but the Lord did so because they were faithful and the Lord did not leave His people.

Metropolitan of Montenegro , Amphilohije, said during his speech that every service of God is an communion. He pointed out that the Church and Liturgy gathered all , the Holy Spirit, the God Father and the Son, and around and in them all who were baptized in the name of the Lord.

Metropolitan Amfilohije announced that on November 11, the day when the First World War was over, in all temples of the Metropolitanate, the bells will be announced in honor of the victory of good, love, the truth of God over evil, hatred and crime.

After the Liturgy was finished, Slava cakes in the Cetinje Monastery was shared, and after that the celebration continued at the Cetinje Theological Seminary, and then the feasts spiritual academy was organized.

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