Calls of ethnic hatred in Kosovo-Croatia match

Kosovo and Croatia's fans draped in national flags sing together ahead of the World Cup Group I qualifying match between Kosovo and Croatia in main square in Shkoder, Albania on Thursday Oct. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

Prior to the start of and during football match for Kosovo-Croatian for qualifications to the World Cup, which was held in Shkodra, a group of affiliated supporters Croatian and Kosovo chanted ethnic hatred towards the Serbian people and Serbia. They called for hanging and other forms of murder for Serbs, causing feelings of uncertainty for people of Serb origin living in Shkodra while in the same time they violated hospitality offered by Shkodra people by giving them right to play their match in their stadium.
Associations representing the interests of the Serbian minority in Shkodra and in Albania consider that such calls are not conducive to sustained efforts of the Governments and the competent institutions of the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Serbia which do everything to achieve progress in the process of regional reconciliation and the promotion of cooperation in all areas, which is also a key condition for the European integration of both countries.
Association calls upon all organs of law and order to take all measures to exclude fan groups involved in this incident and to continue to take all measures so that such incidents to not be repeated in the future.

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