Representatives of the Serbian and Montenegrin communities in Shkodra bid farewell to His Holiness Metropolitan Amfilohije Radovic.


On Sunday, November 1, representatives of the Serbian and Montenegrin community associations in Shkodra attended the funeral dedicated to His Grace Metropolitan Amfilohije in Podgorica. To pay tribute to the highest clergyman in Montenegro, the president of the association “St. Jovan Vladimir” association Mr. Zoran Hajkoja-Ajkovic accompanied by its secretary Mr. Viktor Mishcenko did participate. On the other hand, the association of the Serbo-Montenegrin national minority was represented by its chairperson Mr. Pavlo Jakoja-Brajovic accompanied by the secretary Mr. Artur Popaj-Popovic and activists Ymer Ymeri-Stankovic, Veselin Matanovic, Edmir Piranic and Gani Mucmeraj. The Metropolitan of Montenegro, Amfilohije, passed away on October 30 at the Clinical Hospital Center of Montenegro at 8.20 am.
On Friday, October 30, 2020, at 8:20 am, at the Clinical Hospital Center of Montenegro, after receiving the Holy Sacrament of Communion, the Most Holy Archbishop of Cetinje, the Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije, passed away”, is written on the official website of the Metropolitan of Cetinje.
He was cured at the Clinical Hospital Center of Montenegro in Podgorica, where he was hospitalized on October 6 due to the deterioration of his condition caused by the coronavirus. Although he had resulted negative for the coronavirus for 10 days, he had pneumonia and his health suddenly deteriorated a few days ago, despite the tremendous efforts of the entire medical team.
The death of His Grace is a great loss for the Serbian church and all the Orthodox believers. Metropolitan Amfilohije has given a great help for the organization and celebration of Orthodox religious holidays and has visited our community in Shkoder many times, delivering messages of peace and harmony. Under His blessing since 1992 for almost 30 years Christmas Easter and other holidays of the Orthodox believers have been organized and celebrated in Shkoder and Vraka.
With His blessing, annual scholarships have been awarded to our minority students, regardless of religion, who are pursuing higher studies at Belgrade universities.
May His memory be eternal! May he rest in peace!

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