Representatives of the Serbian Associations in Albania attended in Tirana commemoration of 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.


On the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, at the invitation of the Serbian Embassy in Tirana, on November 11, representatives of the Serbian Moraca-Rozafa , Association, “Jedinstvo” from the town of Fier and the Orthodox association St. Jovan Vladimir participated in the remembrance ceremony of the fallen Serbian soldiers in this war who were buried at the city cemetery in Tirana.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Miroljub Zaric and his associates also attended this ceremonial commemoration. The honor of laying wreaths for their heroic sacrifice in the service of our country and our minority was given to the fallen fighters by the presidents of the relevant associations, Pavlo Brajovic, Ekrem Dulevic and Simo Ajkovic.

After the ceremony, at the invitation of his Excellency, Mr. Zarić, all participants in the celebration of this important date for the history of Serbia and the Serbian people, visited the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, where a  traditional reception was organized.

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