Serbian poet Matija Beckovic on the celebration of the Days of Serbian Culture in Shkodra.


On Wednesday, 03 June this year, the Association of Serbian-Montenegrin minority in Albania “Moraca-Rozafa” organized a poetry evening ceremony in the framework of the Days of Serbian Culture in Shkodra, series of cultural activities, concerts, book promotions and other activities from the project supported by the Board of the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
This event is dedicated to the poetic work of the greatest Serbian writer and poet of nowadays, the academic Matija Beckovic, and of course was honored by his presence.
The word at the opening of the ceremony had Mr. Pavle Brajovic, President of the Association “Moraca-Rozafa” which among other things spoke of the positive activities of this organization for the survival and preservation of the Serbian language and culture in Albania, by advocating the rights and freedoms of minorities as well as to maintain continuous relationship with our people in Serbia and Montenegro .
Then academic Matija Beckovic recited a collection of selected works and songs of our people, language, epos, love that is rewarded with ovations by the audience.
On behalf of sister organizations from Montenegro, the Serbian National Council of Montenegro, President of the organization shared to the individuals and activists who have invested many years of hard work for the rights and freedoms of our people in Albania, the gold badge for the selfless and dedicated work on the preservation of Serbian national identity and Serbian language in Albania.
The ceremony was also attended by Serbian Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric and his associates.

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