On the day of the First World War Ceasefire, representatives of all Serbian associations paid tribute to the Cemetery of Serbian soldiers who died on Albanian territory.


On the day of the World War I Ceasefire, representatives of all Serbian associations commemorated Serb soldiers who died or were killed in the Albanian territory.

On Monday, November 11, by the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, representatives of all associations representing the Serb minority in Albania honored the memory of those Serb soldiers who lost their lives in World War I while retreating across the territory of Albania. The ceremony was organized at the civil cemetery in Tirana and it began at 11am.

In this ceremony the President of Moraca-Rozafa Association Mr. Pavle Brajovic, and the staff-member, Mr. Omer Stankovic on behalf of this Association did participate. On behalf of the St. Jovan Vladimir Association, the wreath was laid by the president of the association Mr.Z. Ajkovic and on behalf of the Jedinstvo Association from the city of Fier the wreaths were laid by the president of this Association, Mr Ekrem Dulevic and his associates. Also, representatives of the new Tirana-based Skadarlija Association, headed by its president, Mr. Salko Brajovic, were present at this solemn commemoration.

After the wreaths were laid, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric, addressed the occasion. After a minute of silence in soldiers’ memory, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Zaric, among other things stated that “this is a significant date for us and it is good that our small Serb community in Albania and you, as the most active members, have gathered to preserve the memory of our ancestors who lost their lives during in fighting during their retreat through the Albanian territory. Unfortunately, the past regimes did not allow what is Christian and civilized, to have at least a place where to store their remains; a place in which they are buried. But as you are here, I am especially pleased that the young people are present, and I am sure that you will preserve the memory of our countrymen and that you will also fight, but by other means such as knowledge, wisdom, honesty and precious values, and that the truth about the Serbians sufferings and the hardships of the Serbian survivors will live in this environment and you will find a mutual understanding with the young Albanians, so that such a thing will never be repeated, and on the other hand to build a new world, a shared life in this region. I always tell our foreign friends that the Balkans is small, but there is plenty of space for both Serbs and Albanians and for all other peoples living in the region,” Ambassador Miroljub Zaric concluded.

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