The professor of the Serbian language course in Shkodër suddenly dies in Nikšić.


On February 6, the teacher of Serbian language course in Shkoder, Mr. Svetozar Cirakovic suddenly passed away at the age of 66. For more than a decade – precisely since 2008 – he has been involved in teaching the Serbian language at a course organized by the Moraca-Rozafa Association. He has worked with great dedication and motivation for years in Shkoder, teaching a considerable number of students, some of whom are successfully studying at Belgrade universities in Serbia.

To honor his figure and memory, on Sunday, February 9, a representative from the Serbian community in Shkoder attended a post-mortem ceremony organized from his family and relatives. This representative was led by the president of the Orthodox Association St. Jovan Vladimir, Mr. Zoran Ajkovic, accompanied by prominent Moraca-Rozafa activists such as Mr. Arthur Popaj, Edmir Piranic and Ridvan Smajli. The commemoration took place in Ozrinic, the birthplace of the professor, where the last honors were made. Just days before the ceremony dedicated to St. Sava in Shkodra, he was awarded the diploma of Saint Sava from the Metropolitan of Montenegro. His death is a great loss imprimis for his family, but also for our community because throught his work and dedication, he has become dear to us and to all who knew him. Dear Professor, rest in peace!

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