Draft Law on National Minorities to be consulted with minorities organizations

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania in the framework of the Inter-Institutional Group on National Minorities issued the initial version of the draft Law on National Minorities in the Republic of Albania and called up on national minorities organizations to submit their opinions. December 28 is the date set as deadline for giving opinions and suggestions
In response all national minority associations estimated that the deadline of 20 days is too short to produce valid and comprehensive suggestions on changes and amendments to this draft and it is expected that the deadline to be extended.
Draft law comes as result advocacy of national minorities organizations during the two-year period of work of this body in discussing general issues for minorities through Committee for National Minorities, , which is the national body representing the interests of minorities in government , urging preparation and adoption of this law. The Association publishes the text of the draft in the Albanian language.
Associations of our national minorities, in cooperation with other those of other national minorities are already working on improving the draft law with more concrete measures about the status of national minorities and that it will immediately and send them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if possible in the allotted time.


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