Associations representing the Serb-Montenegrin national minority support the Metropolis of Montenegro.


Associations representing the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority such as Moraca-Rozafa and Saint Jovan Vladimir have sent a letter in support of the Metropolitan of Montenegro in its efforts to preserve ownership of Montenegro’s religious sites. The letter states that associations representing Serbian and Montenegrin minorities are observing with anxiety the developments in Montenegro following the adoption of the law on freedom of religion and the legal status of religious communities in Montenegro. In the letter, the support for Metropolis in its efforts to preserve cult objects and the hope in the possibility to find a fair solution in favor of Montenegro’s stability is expressed.

This Law provides for the nationalization of real estates for which the Church cannot prove its ownership prior to 1918. Until that date, Montenegro was not yet an independent state and it was part of the Serbo-Croatian-Slovenian kingdom. Adoption of such a law on religious communities in Montenegro was followed by protests in Podgorica and main Montenegrin cities.

At the end of the letter, the Associations express their wish for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible, thanking the Metropolis for the continuous support it has given them over the past 20 years.

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