This year, Orthodox believers celebrated EASTER – the resurrection of Christ – in isolation

Uskrs 2020

This Sunday, on April 19, 2020, all Orthodox Christians, including the Serb and Montenegrin communities of the Orthodox faith living in Shkodër, celebrated Easter – the resurrection of Christ – under strict isolation as never before in the modern history of mankind, due to coronavirus pandemic. The Albanian authorities, in the framework of measures against this unknown pandemic, decided that religious services should be held without the presence of believers. Therefore, the ceremonies were attended from the houses through the TV screen. Despite being empty and without believers, the Orthodox Churches celebrated Easter with the same messages of hope and trust for the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge against ignorance, life against death, and clergymen prayed for a soonest overcome of this situation and the defeat of coronavirus.

In their messages, the clergymen encouraged the believers not to feel themselves alone on this special day. According to them, the Orthodox people relate to God through faith because life and death are entirely in His hands, so they always ask Him to give spiritual and physical health to protect the believers and not only from this trouble, which has befallen their homes.

In Belgrade, Patriarch Irinej said that this year’s Easter was celebrated in difficult conditions, in such troubles they rarely had in the past. In his message to the Serbian people, the Patriarch stressed the need to accept and implement the guidelines provided by health specialists who have knowledge of this pandemic. “It’s nice going to church during the great holidays, but this is a special moment in our lives. We can pray to God at home, in the church of the house, because it is better to have our thoughts, desires and heart oriented towards the church, than to be physically in the church and thinking about something else. The first option is much better, “said the Serbian Patriarch, among other things.

According to Christian tradition, Jesus died on Easter time. His birth, suffering, and resurrection was foretold in the Old Testament by the previous prophets, and he – as Christianity preaches – will come back again to announce his second arrival among humans.

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