Ministry of Education and Sports against the Serbian language courses in Fier


The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Albania addressed a letter to the Association of Serbs of Albania “Jedinstvo”, highlighting the non-compliance and non-fulfillment of the formal legal requirements of the Serbian language courses held in this association for the areas of county of Fier, Reth Libofsha and Hamil. The letter also imposed the closure of these courses until the full meeting of the standards set by the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 248 dating 28.05.1999 on the criteria and procedure for issuing licenses for the operation of private educational institutions.The Association “Jedinstvo” points out that the legal arguments and formal conditionality that equalizes the status of Serbian language courses with educational institutions of profitable character imposed by this letter clearly prevents the realization of the most elementary rights which belong to our ethnic minority such as teaching the younger generation the basis of mother tongue, and thus represents a clear attempt of a continuing practice of further assimilation of our people in this region.
The Association “Jedinstvo” as the organizer of the courses brings in the attention of the relevant institutions that for the prevention of ethnic assimilation requires not only the implementation of policies against the assimilation of the members of our minority. As it is stated in the Article 5/1 of the Framework Convention of the Council of Europe “On the Protection of National Minorities”, the state is obliged to take positive measures in order to “create adequate conditions for national minorities to preserve and develop their culture and elements of their national identity, including the language”. Also sets out that the position of the European institutions for ethnic minority numerically inferior to this obligation requires the active promotion and encouragement of the use and teaching of minority languages. On the other hand, according to Article 4/2 of the Framework Convention, the principle of equality does not mean identical treatment and access for all languages and situations. On the contrary, the measures to achieve effective equality should aim at meeting the specific needs of national minorities.
The Association, taking in consideration the active performance of the state institutions for the closure of the only self-organized forms of conservation and learning Serbian language, will present reasoned opinions to appeal the Ministry of Education and Sports and with a special letter will report to the relevant local and international key institutions that operate in Albania.

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