Month: January, 2014

The Celebration of “St.Sava” in Vraka


A large number of Serbs, Montenegrins and their friends from Shkodra, Montenegro and beyond on Sunday, January 27th 2014, gathered to celebrate the Day of the greatest Serbian saint, St. Sava. To celebrate this day, a holy liturgy which began in the morning was served by His Eminence Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro Mr.Amfillohije and clergy of the metropolis. Read more →

The Celebration of Orthodox Christmas in Vraka

slika Bozic

January 6th-7th, 2014
The Serbian-Montenegrin people of Orthodox faith from Vraka and Shkodra celebrated in the church of “St. Trinity” the holiest day of Christianity, the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Read more →

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