Month: February, 2014

Celebration of National Day of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana


Invited by the Serbian Ambassador in Tirana Mr. Miroljub Zarić, representatives of the Serbian- Montenegrin organizations “St. Jovan Vladimir”, “Moraca-Rozafa ” and “Jedinstvo”, on February 13th 2014 attended the celebration of the Day of the Republic of Serbia.The cocktail on this occasion was organized in Tirana International Hotel, with the presence of numerous guests from among the representatives of the Albanian political parties, the highest governmental institutions and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Tirana.  Read more →

Representatives of the Serbian- Montenegrin minority pay tribute to national hero

Vasil Shanto

During the commemoration of the 70th year of the death of the national hero Vasil Šanto representatives of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir “and the Association “Moraca-Rozafa ” laid a wreath at the monument dedicated to the hero in Vraka . Read more →

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