Month: April, 2014

Celebration of Easter in Shkodra


This year, the biggest Christian holiday of Christ’s Resurrection is celebrated in Holy Trinity church gathering numerous Serbian Orthodox believers and children. As a tradition that, from generation to generation is inherited among the members of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority, and Easter, and the feast of victory of life over death, is a very joyous day in the life of our people and a symbol of hope for a better future and faith in God.

In the morning, the Divine Liturgy was held in the church of the Holy Trinity by the Orthodox priests of the Mitropoly of Montenegro, which provides all the conditions that the greatest Christian holidays in Shkodra are celebrated and preached  in the Serbian language. This liturgy was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, g. Miroljub Zaric.
In his homily, Father Radomir Nikčević, spoke about the significance of this holiday, that the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrection is the proof that this earthly life is a test to the brightest and the eternal life that expects us in the bosom of our Lord. And because of it, this life is given to us to show our best qualities, human dignity, love for humanity and  faith and God as the only way to find our place in the resurrection and eternal love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
At the end of the liturgy was performed the communion of believers who fasted and to the children were divided magazines for children, “Cirilko” and sweets.
The children of the Cultural Center of the Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” on this occasion prepared and exposed inside the church an exhibition of drawings, paintings and handicrafts with figures of saints, with lyrics dedicated to Easter as the most joyful Orthodox holiday and its symbol, painted egg.

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