Month: November, 2014

Homage on the 100-th anniversary of the First World War


Following the tradition of every 11-th of November, also this year, the representatives of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Albania, the association “Moraca-Rozafa”, “Saint Jovan Vladimir” and “Jedinstvo ” paid tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Serbian army in Albania during the First world war. Read more →

Celebration of Saint Luka holiday in Cetinje


Members of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir,” led by the President of the association Simo Ajković and priests of the Albanian Orthodox church of the city of Shkodra, Aleksander and Nikola Petani attended on Friday the celebration of the feast of Cetinje Monastery, the day of the Holy Apostle Luke, St. Petar of Cetinje and St. Petar the Second.

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