Month: January, 2015

Celebration of St. Sava in Vraka


On Sunday, 01/25/2014 following the tradition for the 5-th year, Association of Serb-Montenegrin National Minoritiy ” Moraca-Rozafa” , headed by it’s president Pavlo Јакоја Brajovic , organized for the students of Serbian language course and their parents , members of our minority from various places in Shkodra and numerous guests and friends the celebration of the school holiday of Saint Sava, the first Serbian educator and saint. Read more →

Celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Vraka


Like every year, Orthodox people of Shkodra, Vraka and their friends on Tuesday at 2 pm gathered in the courtyard of the Orthodox Church Vraka named “The Holy Trinity” to celebrate the day of birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the traditional ceremony of Christmas Eve.
The ceremony began with the prayer clergy of the Orthodox Church and the parish priest of Shkodra jointly blessed Yule, a symbol of wood that came down from the sky who warmed the divine infant, a symbol of warmth, kindness and love of all that is divine to the human species and a symbol of new life filled with God’s love.
Christmas Eve laid the representatives of the Serbian-Montenegrin Association, associates and the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric.
The next day, the holy liturgy was held in the presence of a large number of believers by the Archpriest Radomir Nikčević and priest of Shkodra Nikola Petani. In his opening speech, father Nikčević conveyed to all present people the heartiest congratulations and wishes. He said among other things that “we need to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who became man, in order to share love of God and taught them the divine virtues, because his work, as was written by many historical sources , illuminates our way to the heavenly world.”
“He wanted us all to be close to others, not sparing the help, love and joy to our relatives and friends because that’s the only way to go to follow his example”- he said.
Then believers had the communion and the children were awarded with the much-anticipated gifts in the form of sweets and church calendars.
Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” for all guests and friends organized a feast of love.

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