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Celebration of the Holy Trinity in Vraka


On Sunday,May, 30 .2015 year the orthodox believers of Vraka, Shkodra and other regions were gathered in the church of the Holy Trinity to celebrate the traditional feast of Vraka , the religious holiday of the Holy Trinity.
Following the tradition, the sacred liturgy held at 10 am, was served by priests from the Metropolitan of Montenegro in Serbian language and a large number of Orthodox believers and the Serbian people filled the area of the Holy Trinity in Vraka.
The priest after the liturgy conveyed the gathered believers the greeting from the Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije. He also thanked and invited all present to pray to God for the health of the Archbishop of the Tirana and all Albania Anastas, who gave his blessing the liturgy to be held in our Serbian language for the members of our minority in Albania.
He said among other things that this feast is the sign of the eternity of goodness and soul of God, of which seed all we humans derive, in this blessed country we need to show what are God’s virtues and good values to other people, to friends and everyone else to serve as an example because only then all will realize that Christ’s sacrifice was not in vain and to embrace our faith embodied by our good faith.
After that, the “Slava” bread was cut and to all believers were divided sweets for children.
Honoring the guests , the Association of St. Jovan Vladimir organized the table of Christian love in a restaurant on the Skadar Lake.

The meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vucic in Tirana.

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On the occasion of yesterday’s historic visit to Albania, on 27 May 2015, in addition to important meetings with the highest representatives of the state authorities of the Republic of Albania, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, , met in the Serbian Embassy in Tirana with the representatives of the associations of Serbian-Montenegrin minority in Albania. In a cordial and friendly meeting Serbian Prime Minister thanked the representatives of our associations in preserving the national identity of the Serbian people in this region and expressed full readiness of the Republic of Serbia to contribute to this goal through improving and building good neighborly relations with the Republic of Albania, during national reconciliation process, and to provide every possible form of help for all the needs and activities that our organization implement.
President of the Association of Serbian-Montenegrin national minority “Moraca-Rozafa” Mr. Pavlo Jakoja Brajovic, among other things emphasized the special importance of the visit to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Albania for the affirmation of our rights and freedoms, increasing the public awareness in Albania on the existence of our minority, as well as to obtain greater attention to addressing and advocacy of our rights and freedoms of minorities in Albania. He informed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia with the activities implemented by the association and thanked for the support that the Government of the Republic of Serbia through its line ministries and other institutions provides. Among other things, he informed Mr. Vucic on the problems encountered by members of our minority through lack of education and the media in the Serbian language, lack of financing projects in the field of culture and promoting the national values of our national minorities from the Republic of Albania and the lack of representation in the organs of state power. He welcomed the approval that has been made in developing a joint proposal by the Inter-Institutional Group on revision of policies on minorities in Albania on the adoption of a framework law on protection of national minorities, claiming that it will be an instrument which will pave the way for the legal protection of the rights of our minorities in Albania. In addition, he pointed out that members of our minority expect relief of procedures for obtaining Serbian citizenship and asked for help to open a Serbian home in Shkodra, a multi functional facility that will serve to organize educational, cultural activities and activities that will aim to promote economic cooperation in the region Shkodra with the Republic of Serbia.
President of the Association of Serbs “Unity” from Fier Mr. Eqerem Duleviq in his speech informed Mr. Vucic that the permit for the construction of educational, cultural and economic center and headquarters of the association in the village Ret Libofša has been approved by the competent ministries of the Republic of Albania to be financed by donations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and used the opportunity in the name of the members of the Serbian people in Fier to thank for help in that purpose. He stressed that it is important that the Serbian language courses to be continued and demanded that the Prime Minister used his influence in their mutual contacts with the highest representatives of the state authorities in the future to ensure their smooth running, and provide a permanent teaching staff and other conditions.
President of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” Simo Hajkoja Ajković congratulated the Prime Minister Vucic for successfully realized visit and asked that the Republic of Serbia provide adequate support and funding for daily activities, to operational activities of the organizations and projects concerning the protection of religious identity, organizing excursions for children and adults to cultural and religious monuments in Serbia, to provide to our people clinical care, treatment and rehabilitation in health institutions of the Republic of Serbia for specific illnesses and emergencies. Serbian Prime Minister thanked the representatives of our minority and provided a firm belief that the Serbian government will give all necessary assistance for solving problems.
The meeting was attended by the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ms Zorana Mihajlovic and Serbian Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric.

Meeting of the representatives of our associations with the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Nebojsa Stefanovic in Tirana

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