Month: June, 2016

Celebration of the Most Holy Trinity in Vraka


On Sunday 19 June 2016 was solemnly celebrated the feast of the Holy Trinity in Vraki and the fall of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. With the blessing of Archbishop of Tirana and Albania Anastas and Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije, Archpriest Fr. Velimir Jovovic served the liturgy]. In addition to the numerical strength of the nation Vrake and Shkodra the liturgy was attended by distinguished public figures from Montenegro and Albania as well as representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana with Jugoslav Djordjevic leading, Mr. Milan Knežević the President of the National Democratic Party and member of the Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro. Read more →

Orthodox believers from Shkodra on the day of St. John Vladimir attended the celebrations in the cities of Bar and Elbasan


Many Orthodox believers and representatives of the Association of Serbs and Montenegrins from Shkodra on June 4 2016 participated on the feast organized for the great martyr St. Jovan Vladimir, among the believers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece and Russia in Bar, Montenegro invited by the Orthodox Church of Montenegro which organized the holy liturgy as well as numerous other events. This day also marks the 1000 anniversary of the killing of this saint of the God’s Church. Read more →

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