Month: July, 2016

Broadcasting of Tv program in the Serbian language in Shkodra to be continued


Taking into account  continued need of the members of the Serbian people living in Shkodra to be informed in their language and lack of Serbian language representation in the media environment in the region of Shkodra, the Association of Serbian-Montenegrin national minority ‘Moraca-Rozafa “with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the fourth consecutive year will organize the broadcasting of the informative and educational tv program in Serbian language in the Shkodra region. Read more →

MFA initiates the idea of adopting a law on minorities in the meeting with representatives of national minorities and international organizations


In the presence of all the main organizations of minorities in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today was held a consultative meeting with top officials of this Ministry in the preparation of the specific law for the rights and freedoms of minorities in Albania. Adoption of this law, which was advocated for a long time by minority organizations and their representatives in the State Committee for Minorities, is included in the plan of measures of the Government of the Republic of Albania for improving the legal framework related to rights of national minorities. Read more →

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