Month: November, 2016

Agreement on mutual cooperation and assistance signed


At the headquarters of associations Moraca-Rozafa in Shkodra, representatives of Serbian National Council of Montenegro and representatives of our association signed on November 14 an agreement on mutual cooperation and assistance. The agreement was signed before the Serbian National Council of Montenegro, mr.Momcilo Vuksanovic while mr. Pavlo Brajovic signed on behalf of the Association of Moraca-Rozafa, in the presence of members of both organizations. Read more →

The celebration of the feast of Cetinje Monastery


Representatives of the Orthodox clergy from Shkodra led by parish priest of the town Nikola Petani and members of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” from Shkodra attended on October 31, 2016 the Divine Liturgy, which is celebrated on the occasion of feast of Cetinje Monastery – the feast of St. Luke the apostle, Saint Peter and Saint Peter of Cetinje II. Read more →

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