Month: October, 2017

Presentation of the Law on National Minorities held in Shkodra


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ditmir Bushati, accompanied by the member of the Albanian Parliament elected in the area around Shkodra inhabited by a large number of our people, Luan Harusha, as well as other associates, visited on October 20 for presentation of the newly enacted Law on the Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities the premises of the association of the Serbian minority “Moraca-Rozafa” . There he met with the representatives of the organizations of the Serbian minority in Shkodra and representatives Roma, Egyptian and Montenegrin national minorities, legally recognized by the adoption of the Law on Minorities. Read more →

Albanian Parliament adopts the law “On national minorities”


The Parliament of the Republic of Albania adopted on Friday, October 13, 2017 with 102 votes in favor, 10 against and 1 abstention the Law “On the Protection of National Minorities in the Republic of Albania”. The law received the support of the parliamentary majority and opposition, confirming the advancing of rights and freedoms of national minorities through the necessary legal arrangements in this area. Read more →

The national team of Serbia qualifies for Football World Championship


The Serbian national football team, with a 1-0 victory over Georgia, directly got qualified to the World Championship in football, which will be held next year in Russia. This great victory is only the last in a row of great matches from our national team, opening the way for Serbia to show its true sport’s values ​​at the most attractive event of the sports world.

Like all members of the Serbian nation throughout the world, the Serbs from Albania are proud of our players for this success. We will cherish with all our hearts and our prayers will go for our team to achieve a top result on the Mundial, thus carry the image of our Serbian national spirit and dignity to the whole world.

Committees on Human Rights and Foreign Policy held hearing with minority organizations on draft law “On the Protection of National Minorities in the Republic of Albania”


The Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights and the Foreign Policy Committee held a joint hearing with the interest groups, civil society organizations and representatives of the academic world on the “law of national minorities” in the Republic of Albania.

Our Serb minority organizations responded to the invitation for consultation alongside representatives from Greek, Aromanian, Macedonian, Roma, Bosniak and Egyptian minorities. Mr. Pavlo Jakoja, the chairman of Serb association “Moraça-Rozafa”, Mr. Eqerem Duleviq, chairman of Serb Association ” Jedinstvo” and Mr. Simo Hajkoja, the chairman of orthodox association ” Saint Jovan Vladimir” contributed with suggestions on the law to be more inclusive for more rights to be given to less numerically smaller minorities.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Ditmir Bushati, participated in this hearing.

Initially, representatives of interest groups praised the initiative for drafting this bill, which will have a positive impact on national minorities. They also demanded implementation to start as soon as possible. Particular importance was expressed by the interest groups in establishing of a Special Fund for minorities.

During their speech they emphasized the fact that national minorities should have representation in municipal councils, where according to them minorities should have real representation in local government units and take an active part in drafting local policies.

Also, the law on national minorities should be complemented with relevant implementing legislation in areas such as education, prevention and the fight against socio-economic marginalization, cultural heritage, etc. In order to have effective realization of personal, political, social, economic rights belonging to minorities comparing to individuals of the dominant population, they sought their participation in all fields of public life to be guaranteed.

After receiving all constructive proposals by the minorities organitions, the representatives of two parliamentary commissions assured the minority representatives that will include most of their suggestions in amendments of the draft law.

The law is expected to pass to the parliamentary session for approval by dt. 12 October.

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