Month: January, 2018

Celebration of Saint Sava day in Shkodra


On Sunday, January 28th, the Orthodox believers of Shkodra and the region of the Vraka gathered in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka to celebrate the Day of the greatest Serbian Sanctuary, St. Sava, together with their compatriots from Montenegro.
Holy Liturgy was led by Father Zeljko Calic co serviced by Father Dragan Mitrovic from the Metropolitan of the Montenegro , as well as the parish of the Skadar Church, Father Nikola Petani and the deacon of the Holy Trinity Church in Vraka, Ivan Popovic.
During his greeting, Father Calic emphasized that, like the Holy Apostles after the birth and testimony of the sanctity of Jesus, Saint Sava followed them on their footsteps. All the miracles and richness of this world that are not based on the belief in Christ are only temporary, or as Christ said: “This treasure is ruinous.”
– All the goods of this world are consumable, as all the treasures of the mighty empire were historically, and all of these remain on paper only. Only saints of God, like the Holy Sava, remain forever. We celebrate the Holy Sava as our protector, because this is our only true treasure – concluded Father Calic in his speech, congratulating all those present this holiday.
After the liturgy and worship of the believers, the children are given gifts, while in honor of all present, one formal cocktail is organized at one of the local restaurants.

Christmas in Shkodra


On Sunday, January 7th, a large number of Orthodox believers celebrating Christmas as per the Julian calendar gathered in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka to celebrate the birth of God’s Son and attend the traditional Christmas liturgy.

Like every year, Father Radomir Nikčević from the Metropolitanate of the Montenegrin led liturgy, who, after reading the Gospel, greeted them on the occasion of this holiday, and wished peace and joy to prevail in their homes. He emphasized the wisdom of the Jewish sages who emphasized the modesty that God had solved for his Son of God to be born in a cave, because “instead of human creations, Christ chose to be born in the place he created himself”, Father Nikcevic added. He said that Christ returns to every generation and people who accepts his birth, existence and purpose that he came to this world.

– Christ was sacrificed for us, and for this reason we also bring wood to warm our home. Christ, the Son of God, one of the Holy Trinity was born as a man to save each one of us. May the Lord give you the peace, light and warmth of this holiday to your homes, and that with his warmth and love, every soul in this city will be transformed, because it will testify that this life is only the way to eternal life “- concluded Father Nikčević.

He conveyed the blessing to the faithful of the Metropolitan of the Montenegrin, Amfilohije, and greeted the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Albania, Miroljub Zaric, as well as the Presidents of the association Sv. Jovan Vladimir and Moraca-Rozafa.

After the worship of the believers, Christmas presents were distributed to children, while a table of Christian love was organized for guests in one of the local restaurants.

Celebration of Christmas Eve in Shkodra


Members of the Serbian and Montenegrin minorities in Shkodra celebrated today the Christmas Eve in the Church of the Holy Trinity in VraKa, gathered around the sacred fire symbolizing the fire that kept warm the virgin Mary during the birth of our God, Jesus Christ.

In the churchyard, while church bells rang, the prayer was led by the Shkodra priest, father Nikola Petani and the deacon of the Shkodra church Ivan. During his address, Father Petani pointed out the symbol that represents the fire for bringing to this world of the Son of God, as a source of warmth for the whole of mankind. He emphasized that God chose to bring our salvation among us in the warm and modest home of an ordinary family, not as a king, for the values and the virtues ​​of ordinary people’s characteristics are far from sinful incentives of the rich. He wished everyone to have  happiness and blessings in their homes in this day, and especially thanked for the blessing of the Metropolitan of the Montenegro Amphilohije and the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Anastasis.

The Christmas liturgy will be held tomorrow starting at 10 am in the same church.

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