Month: July, 2018

Celebration of St. Peter and St. Paul feast in Cetinje


On the occasion of St. Peter and Paul’s Day, on July 12th, a traditional gathering of believers was organized in Cetinje with the holding of the Holy Liturgy in the Cetinje Monastery. At the invitation of the Montenegrin Metropolitanate, this event was attended by a delegation of the Orthodox Church from Shkodra as well as members of the Orthodox Association St. Jovan Vladimir. The delegation of the believers was led by the president of the association St. Jovan Vladimir, Simo Ajkovic and priest of the Orthodox Church in Skadar, Father Nikola Petani.
During his liturgical speech, Metropolitan Amfilohije spoke of the role and great contribution that these two apostles have for the Orthodox Church. He reminded us that in the place where the apostles Paul and Peter served, Antoine, today’s Syria and where Christians have received such a name, we are witnesses of great sufferings over them. He emphasized that these two apostles have ended their earthly lives with great suffering.
After completing the holy service, the Metropolitan Received and spoke with the President of the Association St. Jovan Vladimir. Simo Ajkovic and father Petani. During this meeting, they confirmed the good relations between the Metropolitan and the Orthodox Church in Shkodra and the associations St. Jovan Vladimir. They exchanged views on forms of cooperation and discussed mutually interesting topics as well as agreed to work on intensifying these relations.
After the meeting, in honor of our delegation, the Metropolitan and the clergy of the Cetinje Monastery organized a trite of brotherly love. They welcomed members of the delegation from Shkodra and invitet them to visit the Cetinje Monastery again and other holy places in Montenegro.

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