Month: September, 2018

Serbian language taught in Moraca-Rozafa association premises.


On Friday, September 14, in the premises of the Moraca-Rozafa Association, classes in the Serbian language  started through a language course and elements of national identity. This course, as the only existing form of learning the mother tongue, is maintained without interruption since March 2008, and during all these years the number of students attending has grown. The course was financed by the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora of the Republic of Serbia, with many years of cooperation and organized by  Moraca-Rozafa Association. Also, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and its leader, Amfilohije, have made a significant contribution to its success during these years.

The main lecturer from the beginning is the professor of the Serbian language from Niksic, Mr. Svetozar Cirakovic, with the assistance of two assistants, who are also speakers of Albanian language, with the aim to make students easier to learn and master the Serbian language. Teaching is done twice a week, on Friday and Saturday, and students are divided by age and level of language skills. Despite the difficulties and challenges of the times, Moraca-Rozafa Association managed to successfully organize the course that has a specific significance for members of the Serb-Montenegrin minority living in Shkodra for centuries.

Serbian language news edition starts broadcasting on local television TV Kopliku


Today, the broadcasting of news and programs in the Serbian language on the local television Tv Kopliku started broadcasting again. For the fifth year in a row, this project of Morača-Rozafa Association has been enabled thanks to the co-financing of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia as the result of cooperation between the Ministry and this association in Skadar. News on this program will be broadcasted every Saturday from 19-20 hrs, with a replay on Sunday from 13-14 hrs.
The goal of this multi-year cooperation project with the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia is to enable media informing in the Serbian language for the members of the Serbian people in Shkodra and beyond, made possible by the the wide area of the frequencies of this TV station as well as the preservation of the Serbian language as an instrument for strengthening national identity and nationality our people.
This program, apart from the news program, shows half-hourly documentaries , songs and music from our Serbian folklore from the motherland, as well as other contents that emphasize the history and culture of the Serbian people. It is worth mentioning the great effort and passion that is being invested by the activists of the Morača-Rozafa Association and the staff of Tv Kopliku for the realization of such a show.
This show will last until December with the hope that it will broadcast in the near future all year round and without interruption.

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