Month: October, 2020

His Holiness Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro passed away.


Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović died at the age of 83 from the effects of the coronavirus at a hospital in Podgorica. The beacon of Montenegrin freedom and the guardian of the throne of the Patriarchate of Peja failed to emerge victorious from the greatest battle of his life. Amfilohije Radović left an indelible mark on the Serbian Orthodox Church as a great name of all Serbs in the homeland and the region.
The Metropolitan of Montenegro, Amfilohije was born on Christmas Day according to the Julian calendar, on January 7, 1938, in Radovic in Lower Moraca. His childhood name was Risto and he was a descendant of Duke Mina Radovic, one of the first Montenegrin tribal dukes, who united Moraca with Montenegro in 1820.
He spent his childhood in a patriarchal family, which remained loyal to Orthodoxy in the difficult post-war times and growing atheism under communist rule. He completed the primary school at the Moraca Monastery and the “Shen Sava” seminary in Rakovica, Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade in 1962. Besides the the Faculty of Theology, he studied classical philology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. After graduating from college, he continued his postgraduate studies in Bern and Rome, where he received a master’s degree from the Eastern Papal Institute (1965). From there, he went to the Greek Orthodox Church, where he spent seven years and where he acquired an angelic image and received the priestly rank.
During that period, in Athens, he defended his doctorate at St. Gregory Palamas, which attracted the attention of the then European theological public. After spending one year at the Holy Mountain, he became a professor at the Orthodox Institute of St. Sergius in Paris, and from 1976, he became an assistant professor, and then a professor at the Faculty of Theology of St. John the Baptist in Belgrade (later the Faculty Orthodox Theological Seminary of the University of Belgrade) in the Department of Orthodox Pedagogy (Catechism) on teaching methods. He was also the dean of this faculty for two terms.
He received his doctorate honoris causa from the Moscow Spiritual Academy in 2003, from the Institute of Theology of the Belarusian State University in Minsk in 2008 and from the Orthodox Theological Institute of St. Sergius in Paris in 2012 and the Spiritual Academy of St. Petersburg in 2014. By decision of the National Committee of Social Awards of the Russian Federation in 2001, he was awarded the Order of Lomonosov, in a ceremony in the Kremlin in the presence of about 4,000 outstanding guests. In 2015, he was elected a honorary member of the Slovenian Academy of Literature and Art.
The Holy Synod of the Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church elected him as Bishop of Banat in May 1985. By decision of the Holy Synod of the Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Amfilohije was elected as Metropolitan of Montenegro and its coast in Cetinje with its headquarters in Cetinje on 1990. The solemn enthronement for the Metropolitan of Montenegro was performed on December 30, 1990 by the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, at the presence of bishops at the Cetinje Monastery. Metropolitan Amfilohije was the bearer of ancient titles such as: Exarch of the Holy Throne of Peja, as well as Archbishop of Cetinje. He was a member of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in several meetings. He presided over that institution and was the deputy of Patriarch Pavle since the end of 2007 until his death, as well as the parish priest of the Patriarchal throne since the death of Patriarch Pavle, on November 16, 2009, until the election of Serbian Patriarch Irinej on January 22, 2010. He administered the diocese of Raska-Prizren from May 2010 until the enthronement of Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija, at the end of December of the same year. He administered the Diocese of Buenos Aires and South Central America (which was founded by his suggestion) from its founding on May 2011 up to date.
During the lead of Metropolitan Amfilohije, for the first time in the history of Montenegro, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro was visited by several patriarchs and representatives of all local churches of the Orthodox world. Some of them include: Patriarch Bartholomew, Patriarch of Moscow and the entire Russia Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and entire Russia Cyril, Pope and Patriarch of entire Africa Peter VII, Archbishop of New Justinian and entire Cyprus Chrysostom II, Archbishop of Athens and entire Greece Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and entire Greece Jerome, Archbishop of Tirana and entire Albania Anastas, Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia Christopher. This speaks volumes about the great respect that Metropolitan Amfilohije enjoyed.
Metropolitan Amfilohije has visited several times the Serbian and Montenegrin community living in Shkoder. Together with the other clergymen he has held several times the holy liturgy in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka and has always preached the word of God, love and harmony among all people. We have witnessed his words and will proudly remember His sermons.
Despite various difficulties and troubles, he morally and materially assisted the associations representing the Serbian community in Shkodra and Albania. The Metropolitan supported and financially supported the Serbian language course in Shkodra. With his blessing, dozens of scholarships were awarded to students from our minority who study at the University of Belgrade in the Republic of Serbia. Therefore, this is a great loss for the Serbian Orthodox Church and for all Orthodox believers.

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