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Ministry of Education and Sports against the Serbian language courses in Fier


The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Albania addressed a letter to the Association of Serbs of Albania “Jedinstvo”, highlighting the non-compliance and non-fulfillment of the formal legal requirements of the Serbian language courses held in this association for the areas of county of Fier, Reth Libofsha and Hamil. The letter also imposed the closure of these courses until the full meeting of the standards set by the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 248 dating 28.05.1999 on the criteria and procedure for issuing licenses for the operation of private educational institutions. Read more →

Nationalism, minorities and European integration

Bledar Bashanoviq
Bledar Bašanović
Member of the State Committee for National Minorities of the Republic of Albania
Representative of the Serbian – Montenegrin National Minority

In a time of social apathy, isolation and a collective resistance to the sensibilization of the society about the need to adapt the most positive attitudes, norms and standards of the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms, including those belonging to the marginalized groups such as minorities, as a reaction directed to the Advocacy for the exercise of these rights, parts of our society are losing tolerance and simulate the feeling of vulnerability of the ethnic majority population of the national minorities as an argument for negative actions towards these minorities, the distraction from everyday problems or the use for political purposes of patriotic pride that characterizes the ethnic majority in Albania . Read more →

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