The delegation from Shkodra participated in the liturgy served by the Metropolitan of the Montenegro , Amfilohije, in Herceg Novi


At the invitation of His Grace Amfilohije, a delegation from Shkodra composed of the president of the Orthodox association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir”, Simo Ajkovic , and President of the Serbian-Montenegrin Association “Moraca-Rozafa” g. Pavlo Jakoja Brajovic, attended the Saturday liturgy in Topola near Herceg Novi.
The service of this Holy Liturgy also started the manifestation of the “Day of the Russian Spiritual Culture” that will last until April 14th. The organizers of this event are the Church Council of Herceg Novi, the tourist organization of Herceg Novi and JUK Herceg Fest.
During his speech after the liturgy, Metropolitan Amfilohije said that Jesus made man to be eternal. “This is confirmed by the death of Christ, because with his death he overcame death and as God he restored to human nature his original beauty, goodness, wisdom and knowledge, and thus gave man eternal life,” said the Metropolitan in his word.
He also said that through crucifixion and sacrifice, human nature becomes immortal.
After the ceremony, the Metropolitan reminded that this year will be 100 years since the renewal of the Moscow Patriarchate. “After the tragedy of the Russian people, the Moscow Patriarchate was restored by Patriarch Tihon. On this basis lies the culture of the Russian state for centuries and centuries … and on that occasion, it is a great pleasure for me to celebrate today for 100 years since the establishment of the Patriarchate of Peja, on the same day as the restoration of Moskow patriarchate. “- said Metropolitan.
Mayor of Herceg Novi Stefan Katić expressed his satisfaction with the participation of the Metropolitan at this event. He also mentioned the bulding of cult objects in Topola and thanked all the participants for taking part in such organization. He also welcomed a delegation from Russia attending “Days of the Russian Spiritual Culture”.
After the liturgy, baptism of believers and children on the coast of the Adriatic Sea was carried out. After the baptism, the dining table of Christian love was organized, where the president of the association “Morača-Rozafa”, Pavlo Brajovic in his speech emphasized the great help that Metropolitanate of Montenegro awards our organizations.

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