Celebration of the Most Holy Trinity in Vraka


On Sunday 19 June 2016 was solemnly celebrated the feast of the Holy Trinity in Vraki and the fall of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. With the blessing of Archbishop of Tirana and Albania Anastas and Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije, Archpriest Fr. Velimir Jovovic served the liturgy]. In addition to the numerical strength of the nation Vrake and Shkodra the liturgy was attended by distinguished public figures from Montenegro and Albania as well as representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana with Jugoslav Djordjevic leading, Mr. Milan Knežević the President of the National Democratic Party and member of the Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro.
After the communion of the faithful and the cutting of the Feast cake the priest Velimir, thanked the Archbishop of Albania Anastas for the blessings to serve in the church in Vraki. He talked about the vices that surround us and that only faith in the righteousness and exaltation of our Lord is very short way to the eternal life.
After the liturgical assembly all present went to the old Serbian cemetery in Vraka and attended the memorial service and consecration of the restored monument and tomb of priest Veliše Popovic priest in Vraki who passed away in 1975.
During the organized table of Christian love the host were welcomed by the president of the Association “Moraca-Rozafa” g Pavle Brajovic and the President of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” g. Simo Ajković. On this occasion, the Pavle Brajovic thanked everybody who came to this feast, especially the President of DNP and deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro, Milan Knezevic. On his side mr. Knezevic thanked the present people for the warm words of welcome and expressed hope for preservation of our traditions, language and spirituality in this region.

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