Celebration of Christmas in Shkoder


As every other year, even this year the priests of the Metropolis of Montenegro blessed by His Grace the Bishop of Cetinje and the Metropolitan of Montenegro Mr. Amfilohije and by His Grace The Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Albania Mr. Anastas Janullatos, have blessed and set fire to wood and served the Holy Liturgy of Christmas in Vraka, Shkoder. The members of the orthodox faith who live in Vraka where the Church of Saint Triny is situated, and representatives from the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana participated in the traditional ceremony of the lighting of the Christmas wood organized by the Orthodox Association “Sv.Jovan Vladimir” and by the Association “Moraca-Rozafa”. The participants also listened the speech of father Radomir Nikcevic, who communicated the blessing of the Metropolitan Amfilohije and his message for peace, love and unity. Among others, he said that “Albania is a blessed country where did walk the holy Apostles and their followers, the place of Saint Jovan Vladimir, the first Serbian King and the place where the faith in Jesus is rising.
Simo Hajkoja, the leader of the Orthodox Association “St.Jovan Vladimir” brought to mind that Shkodra is a place where faith, tradition and the love for the Orthodox Church have always been preserved, and where history has never been forgotten but on the contrary it has always been transmitted from generation to generation. Through these, has been preserved the self-consciousness that in this place everybody preserves traditions and faith and at the same time recall the meaning of the city of Shkodra to the Serbian people and how big and meaningful is its cultural heritage.
After the ceremony, the children were delivered many presents prepared so generously from the Metropolis of Montenegro.
The next day, was served the Holy Liturgy by father Radomir Nikcevic of Montenegro and father Nikolla Petani of Shkodra. He expressed his gratitude the Metropolitan Amfilohije for the unity around God Christ and its faith as a whole body and the love for Him joins us together and not tears us apart.
After the liturgy, there was organized a visit to the Fortress of Rozafa and in the end the Table of Love.

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