Celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas in Vraka


Most joyous day of the whole Christian world, the feast of Christ’s birth was celebrated as usual, according to the Julian calendar in Vraka. Members of the Serbian Montenegrin national minority from Vraka and Shkodra based on ancient Slavic traditions were gathered for the lighting of Christmas Eve next to the church of the Holy Trinity in this village. Rainy weather did not was not a obstacle for the children and adults to come and celebrate this day that marks the burning fire that warmed the body of baby Jesus and that symbolizes eternal warmth of God’s will for people and the world.
The priests of the Montenegro Orthodox Church Radomir Nikcevic accompanied by Shkodra Priest father Nikola Petani blessed Vraka fire and said that religion should be preserved and transmitted to future generations because only faith in the God of our ancestors and their transmission of religious and national values in the US have enabled the Serbian people to exist in these areas of what we should be proud.
The next day, on Thursday 7 January with blessing of His Grace Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Amfilohije and His Highness the Albanian Orthodox Archbishop Anastas for all Orthodox members and their compatriots and brothers of other religions was organized a Holy Liturgy, where father Nikčević preached of saints and apostles of Jesus who walked this earth, primarily about the life and martyrdom of St. Jovan Vladimir for the Orthodox faith.
After the Eucharist to all-present children were divided the Christmas gifts. The ceremony was attended by Serbian Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric and numerous academics, writers and celebrities from Montenegro.
After the liturgy, everyone moved to the cemetery of Shkodra where a ceremony of remembering was held in front of the newly built monument for those who died during the First World War in Shkodra including 156 Serbs and Montenegrins and 38 Russians.
Then the group of priests and believers held a commemoration ceremony to suffering and heroic acts of Serbian army in the First World War in Shengjin, the port where the biggest part of the Serbian army was transported by ships towards Grecce by allies.

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