Celebration of the Holy Mary in the Holy Trinity Church in Vraka


On Tuesday, August 28, in the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka, with the blessing of the Metropolitan of the Montenegrin- Amphilohije and the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church -Anastas, the feast of the Holy Mary was celebrated. At the same time this day marks the beginning of the new school year, and therefore it is also prayed for the happy beginning of it.

Numerous believers from Vraka  and Shkodra came to attend the celebration of this holiday. The Holy Liturgy was served by the Podgorica Parish Protojerej Predrag Scepanovic together with the professor of theology, Ivan Bigovic, as well as the deacon of the Vraka Church Ivan Popovic, with the service of Father Radomir Nikcevic, who has tirelessly served liturgies for the religious people in Vraka for the last 15 years. The liturgy was attended by two Catholic nuns from the Catholic Church in Vraka, making a full celebration of this holiday.

After the audience present, a prayer for the descent of the Holy Spirit was held and a happy beginning of the new school year for all students attending the Serbian language course organized by the Moraca-Rozafa Association, as well as for all Orthodox children in Albania.

After the liturgy, the father Scepanovic held a speech during which he spoke about the Holy Virgin and its significance for the preservation and cultivation of the traditional values ​​of the society that are often endangered by the opposite tendencies. He blessed the existence of a Serb minority in this country where many apostles walked, and among the accustomed and Apostle Paul.

On this occasion, all present participants were given gifts from Ostrog monastery, as well as calendars and notebooks for children. After that, the holiday ended with the organization of the table of love and the visit of the sacred religious and historical sites in Shkodra.

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