Opening of the Cultural, Entertainment and Educational Center of the orthodox children in Shkodra

lajmi 14


The Orthodox Association “St.Jovan Vladimir” opened The Cultural, Entertainment and Educational Center of the Serbian Orthodox teenagers and children in Shkodra. In the environments of our Association gathered this Saturday a large number of children of different ages, with a great desire to get together, socialize, play, and learn about national values, elements of culture, customs and music. The children will be attending these activities for twice a week for about two hours a time, for 6 months in order to be able to organize their own games, classes and other activities.The classrooms are equipped with audio- visual equipment such as a television, computer, and Total TV digital platform. On the other hand, for the amusement of children are provided a variety of toys, and for the teenagers are provided a wide selection of teaching aids, books with fairy tales, puzzles, children’s stories and books in Serbian containing the most basic knowledge of plants and fauna, geography, culture, religion and Orthodox religious monuments as well as on the Serbian grammar and alphabet.
The activities are managed by our very young boys and girls, but monitored by the Coordinator of the Centre, a sociologist which gives the needed instructions and monitors the implementation of the activities. During its activity, this center will provide contacts with similar organizations of youth in Serbia, Montenegro and world-wide to organize joint activities, exchange visits etc.
We plan to organize several walks, visits at the museums, going to the movies, organize cultural performances, visits to friends in Montenegro etc. In cooperation with the Orthodox Church the children will visit the Cetinje Monastery, seminary and Temple of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica.
The realization of this important project for our children is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region of the Republic of Serbia .

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