Celebration of St. Sava in Shkodra


With the blessing of His Beatitude Archbishop of Tirana and all of Albania. Anastas and the Archbishop of Cetinje and the Metropolitan of Montenegro g. Amphilohije, on Sunday, in the church of the Holy Trinity in Vraka near Shkodra, on the feast of St. Sava, the first Serbian archbishop and saint, the liturgy was served by priest Predrag Scepanovic, the parish of Podgorica, along with the service of the parish of Zet and deacon Ivan Popovic from Shkodra, a clerk of the Albanian Orthodox Church . The faithful people of Vraka and Shkodra attended the liturgy organized honoring the Serbian saint.

Father Predrag, during his the liturgical word, thanked the blessing of His Beatitude Archbishop of Tirana and all of Albania, Anastas,  to serve the Holy Liturgy in this temple.

He also spoke about the apostolic mission of St. Sava.

“St. Sava loved all people. It belongs to the Serbian people, but it belongs to all nations, to all people of good will …Shkodra is a synthesis of millennial cultures, sacred places, human destinies, tragic and joyful. Many great conquerors have passed, many empires have fallen, and the silence of ancient struggles has subsided, but the story of Shkodra remains  the holy city of many antiquities, many sacred places. They were not eaten by eclipses and forgetfulness, but live in the souls of you who live here in Albania, “Father Predrag said.

“Today, with the Holy Sava, we blessed fields, fields and meadows for your household. May Saint Sava bless you all and let your lives bring the most beautiful moments of joy and happiness, peace, styles and love, “said father Predrag Scepanovic.

In the end, representatives of the Montenegrin Metropolitanate distributed the holiday gifts to the faithful people, especially children.

The celebration  of the feast continued with the table of brotherhood Christian love where present were the highest representatives of the Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” and the associations of the Serbian-Montenegrin National Minority “Moraca-Rozafa”, Simo Ajkovic and Pavle Brajovic.

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