The arrival of The Holy Cross from Jerusalem to Shkodra and the blessing of the new offices of The Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”

2 decembas 2

On the 2nd of December 2012, at the church of “Saint Trinity” in Vraka arrived from Jerusalem The Holy Cross which was sent by the kindness and blessing of the Serbian Patriarch Ireney and was blessed at the Patriarchate of Peja and Decan Monastery.During its way from Jerusalem, thousands of people worshiped the Holy Cross and sent their prayers for the salvation and wellbeing of the Albanian people. On this purpose also, was held the holy liturgy in Shkodra, which was served by His Grace Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolis of Montenegro, Amfilohije, by the priests of Montenegro Metropoly, The Archdiocese of Belgrade and Karlovac and also by the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church and with the participation of the people of Serbian-Montenegrin minority in Shkodra and Vraka, and also people from Bar, Cetinje, Herceg-Novi, Podgorica, Belgrade and Velika Hoca in Kosovo. In the liturgy participated also the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zaric.
Mitropolit Amfilohije, with the blessing of His Holiness The Serb Patriarch Iriney, after reading the Patriarch’s Gramat for the donation of the Holy Cross, submitted it to the Chairman of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”, Mr. Simo Ajkovic.
During his speech, the Mitropolit Amfilohije said: “Shkodra, this city is a witness and carrier of an unusual love since the ancient times. We shouldn’t forget that one of the most ancient dioceses since the III-IV century has been situated in Shkodra. Let not forget that, here in this city, in its suburbia and in today Albania, did exist the Church of Crist since the time of the apostles. And let not forget also, that the Gospel of Crist has been preached for centuries in Latin, Greek, Slavian and Albanian. And today it is preached in those languages of those people who have lived here for centuries.”
He stressed that, “On this context, Shkodra is very precious to helps us overpass the great temptations in front of us and Albanians also, as a spiritual rebound, and to help a mutual future. Accept it or not, God has bonded us to each other through history. And if we are human, as Patriarch Pavle said, we should behave as such.”
After the liturgy, the line of peregrines traveled toward Bardhaj, the place where tens of thousands of Serbian and Montenegrin soldiers gave their lives for the liberation of Shkodra from the ottoman occupier. There was held the liturgy of parastos for all the deceased in the battle for Shkodra.
“All those deceased in the battle for Shkodra, are written with golden letters in the history of our people. Therefore it is our obligation, to serve this liturgy in the Church of Saint Trinity in Vraka and to gather and meet here in Bardhaj, to remember the martyrs in front of the face of God, and show that we are not unworthy their sacrifice and heroism” said Metropolitan Amfilohije.
On this occasion the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” and the Association of the Serbian-Montenegrin Minority “Moraca-Rozafa” organized the tables of Christian love and a rich artistic and cultural program where debuted the chorus of The Archangel Mihail Church from Herceg-Novi, the group of man from the Cultural Association “Bozidar Micic” and the group of youngsters “Kosovski žubori ” from Hoca e Madhe, poets Dusko Petrovic and Biljana Zivkovic and also lute popular instrumentist. The guests were treated by the special débuting of Gordana Ajkovic a young activist with a recital of traditional popular Serbian songs, accompanied by the instrument of Emrah Lekic. Of great enthusiasm also was the performance of the members of the national ensemble “Kolo” from Belgrade.
After lunch, the Metropolitan Amfilohije visited and blessed the new place of the Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”. Representatives of the association presented to the Metropolitan their work and new projects.

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