MFA initiates the idea of adopting a law on minorities in the meeting with representatives of national minorities and international organizations


In the presence of all the main organizations of minorities in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today was held a consultative meeting with top officials of this Ministry in the preparation of the specific law for the rights and freedoms of minorities in Albania. Adoption of this law, which was advocated for a long time by minority organizations and their representatives in the State Committee for Minorities, is included in the plan of measures of the Government of the Republic of Albania for improving the legal framework related to rights of national minorities.

At this meeting were present chairman of the Serbian-Montenegrin Association ” Moraça-Rozafa” , and representative of Serb-Montenegrin National Minority at the State Committee for Minorities mr. Pavlo Jakoja Brajovic, chairman of orthodox association ” Saint Jovan Vladimir” mr. Simo Hajkoja,  members of the National Minorities Committee from other minorities, representatives of international organizations as well as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Odeta Barbullushi, Qirjako Qirko , the Secretary-General of this ministry and other officials of this institution.

At this round table the initiative for drafting the law for minorities was introduced and it aimed gathering of contributions from representatives of minority associations, civil society and international organizations.

Deputy Minister Barbullushi, which welcomed this event, stressed that the Albanian institutions are committed to continuous improvement of standards for the protection and respect of human rights, part of which are minority rights. Ms. Barbullushi stressed that for the realization of a comprehensive and effective process it is very important the cooperation and consultation of all stakeholders, including minority associations, civil society, international organizations.

During the meeting it was pointed out that the joint commitment and seriousness of all stakeholders in the process of improving the legal framework on minorities will serve to address issues related to the achievement of the standards for further implementation of their rights, which largely coincide with the commitments in the framework of the European integration process.

Representatives of minority associations welcomed and praised unanimously the initiative undertaken by the Albanian Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve the legal framework on minorities, through the development of a specific law on the rights of their civil and political rights, language rights and education care, culture, public representation, use of their mother tongue, etc., expressing confidence that the new law and regulations for its implementation will address fully these issues.

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