Signed the Protocol of cooperation between associations


Representatives of the Organizations “St. Jovan Vladimir”, “Jedinstvo” and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship signed in Tirana on March 12th 2014 a cooperation protocol, aiming the promotion of the cooperation in the field of interest and timely advocating and realization of the rights of the Serbian- Montenegrin national minority; the coordination of actions and activities to preserve the national, cultural and the educational identity and to social care for members of our minority and realization of joint projects.
The full text of the Protocol is as follows:Per sajt

1. Centre for Social Entrepreneurship – based in Shkodra
2. Association of Serbs of Albania “Jedinstvo”- based in Fier
3. Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir”- based in Shkodra
This protocol confirms the intention of the Parties to cooperate and develop inter-institutional cooperation aiming:
– The achievement of timely and adequate advocacy rights and freedoms that belong to the Serbian- Montenegrin national minority in Albania;
– The coordination of actions and activities to preserve and promote cultural, linguistic, religious identity, and social well-being of members of our minority;
In order to meet these goals the Parties engage to:
1. Advocating of rights
1.1. Coordinate their institutional actions and positions in advocating the rights of members of the Serbian people in Albania
1.2. Represent their cause in public debates, media, conferences, roundtables, communicate with government agencies and other entities, exercise the advocating of national and social rights of the Serbian community in Albania and possibly to act together.
2. The implementation of joint development projects
2.1. To consider the initiative to develop a common development of projects in the field of protection of the Serbian- Montenegrin national minority; achieve a timely coordination; apply and implement joint development projects in the field of national identity of our people with the relevant institutions in Serbia, Montenegro and Albania to increase the level of coordination between associations to achieve the goals envisaged by the founding documents of the organizations.
2.2. Exchange information about available call of proposals for different projects and also to assist in the preparation of these projects.
2.3 To cede and help their respective human resources, logistics, media and other resources for the implementation of its activities and joint projects.

Signed in Tirana, on March 12th 2014
Association of Serbs “Jedinstvo” President Ekrem Dulević
Center for Social Entrepreneurship Director Nersada Bašanović
Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” President SimoHajkoja ( Ajković )




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